WrestleMania Live Chatroom for WM 28 discussion

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Asskicker, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Along with the thread, can we also do a live chat? It will be so much easier for our fellow members to catch up with what happens along with the threads. And it's like literal mark out moments right away that we need to share live together.
  2. It would take away posts from the forum though because everyone would be posting in the chat.

  3. #Fuuuckohhwell:(

    But if I miss some moments I will message people to tell me what happened ASAP!
  4. You can always retract back pages in discussion threads. Or just ask people and request to be tagged so you get a direct link to their post with the information you want.

    There will be no "live chat" though, not including the discussion thread of course.
  5. Alright people. #1 rule is going to be

  6. I thought you're watching it live anyway lol
  7. I am but @[Crayo] streams lag a lot when they're a lot of users on the website viewing it and with my CPU theres a likely chance i can miss something.
  8. The discussion threads are the live "chatbox".
  9. I'll tag you if there's a mark out moment.
  10. Thanks brah!
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