Live Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread- 6/14

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    - IMPACT will feature the aftermath of the "Slammiversary" Pay-Per-View event! Who was victorious at TNA's 10 year anniversary event? Tune in and find out!

    - General Manager Hulk Hogan has ordered that there will be a World Heavyweight Title match on the broadcast! Still the World Champion after Slammiversary, Bobby Roode will defend the gold this Thursday against the new #1 contender, Mr. Anderson!

    -Last week Dixie Carter's husband, Serg, punched AJ Styles. What will the fallout from that be this week on Impact?

    - The annual "Bound For Glory Series" will kick off on Thursday night! Which 12 competitors will be selected for a chance to earn a World Title shot at Bound For Glory in October? The BFG Series starts on Thursday on SpikeTV with a Gauntlet Match!

    - Plus, the road to the July 8 "Destination X" event begins
  2. FU for beating me to the punch this time, I was just copying the shit. :upset:

    Anyway, should be a helluva interesting episode and some new feuds and storys beggining. BFG Series too.
  3. Hope the BFG series is done properly this time, wasn't there a problem with how many matches some guys had last time out ?
  4. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:iper:

    Definitely looking forward to it. Hoping Crimson/Storm turns into a feud, Aries/Roode have some interaction, and of course more Park/Bully- can't get enough of that shit.

    Also Anderson/Roode should be a fun TV match.
  5. http:emoji_confused:/

    See predictions and suggestions for it.

    Dunno about that. Crimson is scheduled to wrestle at live event this Thursday. Yes, this same Thursday. Can't see him being at two places at the same time, tbh.:otunga:
  6. I've seen that rumor floating about.. seems illogical. I'll believe it when I see it (or don't see Crimson)
  7. Rumor? :pity: Naw.


  8. Gunner VS Garrett

    awesome, no Garrett.

    What sense does it make to have house shows during your live tv shows? #tnalogic
  9. I don't get. If they're having the 12 Men BFG Series Battle Royal on Thursday, it means the series won't feature either Gunner, Crimson or Morgan. Wierd.

    Who'll jump in? In my book, I could guess about 10 realistic participants without those 3, but there are still two empty places. Aries and Devon? EY? Hernandez?
  10. Devon will definitely be in it IMO
  11. Well I asked Gunner via twitter will he be in it, he replied, "I should be". We shall wait and see I guess. Should be a very interesting summer nonetheless.
  12. Damn you must be marking to have gotten a response from wrestling superstar Gunner
  13. Yeah, my life is now complete. #FapTime

    There's nothing more exciting in whole wide life than when you get response from Alex Silva and Gunner in the same day. Not even EB's and HH's responses can top that. :boss1:

    Btw, an exclusive update about Alex Silva via tweet to me: there will be an update/storyline about him this Thursday on Impact!:win:
  14. Unless it consists of him getting his ass beat by Joey Ryan, you just ruined my afternoon :cry:
  15. Roode/Anus need to go over 15 minutes. But fucking commercials will ruin it for me.
  16. No one is watching?
  17. It's on tomorrow night.
  18. :laugh:
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  19. Wow. I'll tell you why I was confused. Someone on facebook wrote "TNA is awesome tonight, great matches" (never knew any of my friends watched wrestling), then looked down and it's Thursday (but 1.44am that's why).

    Epic fail.
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