Storyline Live: Unmasking of Spawn

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  1. [Before the IWT Summerslam PPV begins the crowd are informed that Spawn will now be making his reveal as part of a pre show so that he does not hinder any of the matches tonight]

    [Out walks Spawn wearing his burnt mask and wearing casual clothes and not his ring gear. He gets a decent ovation from the crowd as he stands on the stage soaking in the response. He takes a couple large breathes as he booms into the ring, over the ropes]

    Spawn: I told you all last month that I needed to leave. I needed to find something in myself. so I apologize from standing here right now, but I feel there was one last thing I had to do in IWT before I could leave all this behind. For a long time a lot of you wondered what was under my mask. This mask caused a lot of pain, not only for the boys backstage but for me. This mask is a burden and I need to rid myself of it. I would of simply destroyed it alone but when I heard about this years Summerslam and all the great matches, I simply had to come back for the night.

    I know you are all very excited to watch this show as am I. Bishop vs Forte is going to blow the roof of this place and it is the first match. I would of been honored to have been on this card, but my time is up. Aids Johnson finally listened to what I had to say and manned up and took his belt back. But he faces a a strong contender in Ovaldinho. That match reminds me a lot of the war me and Aids had at IWTMania 4 where we stole the damn show. I don't know who will be walking out with the gold in that one. But I have wasted enough of your time. Without further a due, I present to you all, the destruction of my mask. Drum roll please.

    Reveal (open)
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  2. It was Trip in the Head the entire time!??
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  3. Let there be MEAT! XD
  4. This was amazing. You're Triple Aids? lol Great video man you are so awesome at all this.
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  5. all will be explained tomorrow in an exclusive interview with spawn, only on :bischoff:
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  6. Still love this. Classic.
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