Lmao at this fan/plant

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Remember him?






    Obvious plant is obvious right?
  2. I noticed him doing an over-exaggerated 'you can't see me' Cena taunt during the contract signing segment. Idk if he was a plant or just a drunk dude having a good time


    lmao @ the 'I came to see mark henry' sign. Didn't notice that last night
  3. It's kinda like the massive Cena mark at WM I'm convinced he was a plant as he had perfect ring side seats and was constantly camera focussed.
  4. Saw him too during the show. Lmao, Cena, Brock and him are wearing the same clothes for a while now.
  5. At WM i swear that Cena fan was the only guy in the new green as well.
  6. Yeah not sure if he was or not though..

    Marked for the other guy today though, he's such a legend :laugh:
  7. He was there for Brocks return the first time, wearing exactly the same shirt... (the gif shows that).
  8. Didn't see him before last night. If he was at multiple shows he is pretty obviously a plant.

    how the fuck do people get to become WWE plants? Talk about a sweet gig
  9. I know right, would become one right away. Even if I have to be there in Brodus attire..
  10. This


  11. First time I saw him in the crowd, I thought it was this man:

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  12. Sheeeit, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that tool. LMAO.
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  13. I dident even see him until now lol


    same shirt ?
  14. The very first time I saw him (Lesnar's return) I thought he was a plant, because before his thing he looked at the camera. Now he's there with the identical t-shirt, had a camera clip of him again doing some gay ass dance, defo a plant lol.
  15. What a jackass. At least he could act decent, lulz.
  16. I noticed him on Brock's entrance omg cant believe the same guy was there last night and was wearing the same t shirt. He must be a plant[/align]
  17. Can anyone define what a Plant is exactly?
  18. Depends the context on a chat show or interview someone there to ask a specific question to make the celeb or politician look good.

    On shows like RAW and SD to mark out for certain stars to help them gain support and get them over by cheering them and encouraging the crowd to do the same.
  19. How's he a plant? He just a big WWE fan that likes to travel with them if he can.
  20. Maybe but someone being at that many shows holding down steady work and paying for tickets and travel costs is unlikely. :)