Storyline Locked Up

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  1. Inside a cell of his own, Nick is sitting, motionless. For the first time in a week, he is free from his straight jacket. A nurse walks by and unlocks his door. He immediately jumps up, and she flinches. He smiles and moves over to a chair, taking a seat. His eyes have not left the sight of the nurse.

    "What do you have for me? HUH? What do you want from me?" He begins hyperventilating as she nervously sets down a tray of food and water on a table. "So you're just here to give me scraps? Is that all? I've had it with this place!" He gets up and throws the tray to the ground. The nurse tries to walk away but he stops he grabs her and throws her to the floor.

    "You hear me! I'm not insane! This place is driving me to insanity!"

    He begins pacing as the nurse cowers in fear. He sees a knife for cutting food on the ground and picks it up. "You want to be let go? You're gonna listen to me, okay?" She nods. "Now sit in the chair!"

    She sits in the chair and begins crying. He then sets up a video camera on the table "You know, back when I was first thrown into this place you had hope of being set free with your sanity. But now, it's changed. The staff has become enraged, and I feel like they enjoy watching us suffer. They're supposed to be healing us, helping us, 'fixing' us, but in reality, they make us what they believe we are. How are we supposed to make any progress when the staff doesn't help, and we barely get enough food to survive? TELL ME!"

    Nick moves closer to the nurse, the knife still in his hand.

    "This isn't here to help us anymore... it's here to kill us! I know that they never plan to let me loose. If you're thrown in here, you're toast. Nothing you can do about it. You're stuck for the rest of your life. Have you noticed that the lucky ones who do manage to get released either commit suicide or end up locked up again within a month? You torture perfectly sane people. It's disgusting."

    "I'm sorry that you're the one who's going to have to do be the one to die, because I know you can't help it. You just do what the doctors tell you. I'm truly sorry, but you're going to have to be the example. Besides, lets just say a... 'friend' of mine needs me to prove myself. You know who I'm talking about. So I'm going to try to make this as quick as possible."

    The camera cuts out, but comes back showing the nurse on the ground in the corner. Nick rotates the camera so he is visible. "Victoria... I think this is enough proof."
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  2. OOC: This is the best promo you've done with this gimmick. I loved every second of it. Awesome job :obama:
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