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    (This is about Punk's comments)

    These are from three different shows, so he's not like taking a picture every five minutes or so.
  2. Weird seeing him without his spikes.
  3. Updated the post.
  4. Well it's Zack Ryder and he's asleep looking different without his hair done up.

    Edit - Punk's comments are actually pretty funny I see why you made this now.
  5. It's CM Punk having problems with leaving the guy alone.
  6. Is it that Ryder just falls asleep so early? Lol
  7. Yeah and Punk's comments, made me lol.
  8. Come on Punk, let the guy get some sleep, haha.
  9. Weird that these two are such good friends. One is a straight edge superstar, one is a guy who symbolizes jersey shore, lol.
  10. He needs his naps, bro!

    JoMo did the same thing a while ago lol:
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  11. On the five minute and ten minute ones I wouldn't be surprised if Zack isn't really sleeping just trying to and zoning out. I've been known to do the same thing on buss/ trainrides. Still funny.
  12. Pretty funny wonder who is tiring Zack out so much?
  14. It may be a BROSKI!
  15. LOL
  16. CM Punk has a weird obsession taking pics of Zack asleep
  17. Hence the Broski comment haha