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  1. Ugh, hate when people make these threads.
  2. Tough shit.
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  3. That looks so cringe. "CM PUNK IN THE NEWS? OMG HE WORKED FOR US ONCE, WATCH ALL OF THESE!!!!!!!!!"

  4. Swore they did this in the Summer of Punk 2011 as well. lol
  5. That gif is awesome, pole on a pole matches ftfw.

    They did, it was cringey.
  6. I want to see that pole on a midget match
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  7. I saw a video like that once, I don't think it's legal.
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  8. Did it have this much bounce action?
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  9. Less bouncing more swag.

  10. [​IMG]
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  11. lol the gif in the op is amazing
  12. Jesus drew a 1.15? what a massive draw
  13. Came in expecting BLFFL, got JoeRulz. That CM Punk shit is turned out, but who is surprised?