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  1. I woke up today with like 13 PM's, and most of them were about this issue with multi-accuonting and other stuff that went on last night. Let me remind you rule 13 of the forum:

    Under no circumstances is multi-accounting okay. Last night the multi-accounting scenario resulted in a poll being closed and all of Britanica's hard work being redundant. Don't feel sorry for me, I can ignore PM's, but feel sorry for her. She's working very hard and fought for this section -- which you were granted -- and it resulted in this.

    Also, from now on, none of this IWT stuff goes in statuses. There was too much spam last night and it results in offensive comments because users think rules don't apply via comments. I expect none of you to do this crap again, seriously.

    Furthermore, please leave the discipline stuff to Britanica since she is in charge here. For example, if Gohan is having issues with something he doesn't need 5 or so people quoting him and calling him names when the only person talking to him at all should be Britanica. It just results in so much crap for her, me, and anyone else who gets dragged into the situation.

    That's all for now. Thanks.
  2. I think not allowing status' on it is a bit harsh.

    Also, any users who wish to air their grievenaces about it can also contact me as Britanica is being bombarded with shit.
  3. Neh. I think he's right. Pretty much no one can get away with a "___ IS WWEF CHAMP! CONGRATS" without getting some form of hate comments.
  4. What in the everliving fark happened yesterday?

    Yes, fark.
  5. You don't want to know.

    @Jonathan I understand you're an assistant to her or whatever, but actual user-grievances don't go to you. You can't do anything to them. Britanica is a moderator of this section and can request users to be warned/PM'd by Staff if she wants.
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  6. I meant if they had a complaint then instead of them all messaging Brit when it might be something that is completely pointless and time-wasting then they can message me instead, and if necessary I can pass it on to Brit.

    And Rain, Crayo's right. You really don't want to know.