Storyline Look to the West, always the West

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  1. *Dark Room backstage, Leo Wang and Mike Boston are seen*
    Mike: ... ... ... ... ... *Grabs Banana*
    Leo: DO IT
    Mike: ... ... *Unpeels banana, eats it*
    Leo: How does it... FEEL?!?
    Mike: Like Monkeys in the tribe of Jonnajon...
    Leo: Excellent! Gasp! The master! *Leo and Mike Mediate*
    Leo: Yes... yes!!! 200 miles West!
    Mike: WHAT?! NO!!!
    Leo: Yes indeed, all is west!
    *Announcers are watching*
    A1: What are they talking about?
    A2: I don't know...
    Leo: Mr.Xaviar! Come forth!
    *The man in the suit is seen*
    Xaviar: Yes Leo?
    Leo: You are to take Mr.Boston 200 miles west to *DA BEACON"
    Xaviar: WHAT?! DA BEACON IS HERE?!
    Leo: Yes! It is! Go now The Panda demands it!
    *Xaviar and Mike leave*
    Leo: All is West, remember, All is West.
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  2. OOC: idk what this was, but it was fun
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