Looking at the future of IWT

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  1. *Confused reaction by the crowd*

    *FailFace walks out carrying what looks to be the TNA Tag Team Titles*

    *Massive boos by the crowd*

    *FailFace enters the ring, and begins to talk*

    So I heard that there's been a lot of "teams" popping up in IWT recently. And I've specifically noticed 2 teams, The Cure, and Adam and Jacob. JwabTV and Adam568 , get out here right now. Because I didn't bring these titles here for a reason. So I'll wait.
  2. *Jwab arrives*
    Jwab: I'm sorry but what do you want me for? I seem to not know who you are.
  3. The title of this contradicts the actual purpose of this thread.
  4. OOC - I am so confused about what is going on....is this guy like one of the Veteran IWT guys or something lol
  5. Eh.
  6. Seabaids > u all.
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  7. *Adam walks out with the NEW IWT Tag Team Title around his waist*​
    What do you want butt muncher?​

  8. *No one enters*
    *Music turns off after 50 seconds*
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  9. What lol?
  10. It was the Crayo fan club coming out for a match.
  11. Arent we due to have you enjoy your first victory as champion?

    Still waiting on you to make the thread.
  12. epic build?
  13. Crowd: *Starts a mosh pit*
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