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  1. Now, i'm just going to address the delay and why i need help

    Well all of today i had a lot of things to do before final exams and other shit, so i couldn't do it. I extended the date to the 15th but that's a Tuesday and i have school Tuesday and i may not be able to work it all out. Expect more delays until i find proper help it won't work out to smoothly. One thing is for sure, PPV's will NEVER be delayed. If they do i'll personally pay everyone on the match card a pay off.

    Why I'm Looking for a 2nd owner
    Now i already spoke with Big Hoss about this, i'm going to give this second owner complete privileges as i do. Mod powers and section bans as well as easily enforce the rules. When i find this 2nd owner, then if one of us is not available the other can write out and everything. Currently i have my eye on 2-3 good 2nd owners. But i rather not reveal them unless they change their mind and don't want it. If you think someone is viable to be a 2nd owner please tell me, please don't post spam or other garbage. Thanks
  2. I'd be down.
  3. On my dick...
  4. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. You wish you could get a Dazzling man like me!
  5. :boss:
    You'll never be an owner of ICW!
  6. :no::finger:
  7. You want the job? You want the job? Then you can have it!

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    Not Really :troll:
  8. :((
  9. Actually i would give you the job but i'm currently talking to a few others to see if they want it, i'll keep you in mind. :dawg:
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  10. i don't mind being Co-owner,i have some experience of Writing Matches and stuff like that
  11. Emperor Gohan! DUH!
  12. I currently have 2 other guys on the shot, but if they decline i'll look into you.
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  14. I'm sorry but he asked me first...
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