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  1. Michael is sitting backstage. He has a bandage over his right eye. His suit is a dark red with a blue and green tie. His hair is slicked back. He is slouched back, and rocking back and forth.

    Michael: You know, I just finished signing the checks for the competitors for competing at Retribution. Except one, and after what I just heard and saw from The Cure...

    The camera zooms up and shows the check being ripped to pieces by Michael.

    Michael: Do you own the IWT now? Call it petty politics, games or shenanigans. You want to act like you own my empire, then I guess you can find a way to pay yourself too. I admire that you actually showed up, and I find it honorable that you're setting up this little tournament, but I don't give a fuck if you did or didn't. I'm not here to congratulate you, in-fact I am here to give you a fair warning. You may be booking yourself with your friends, but when this is all done - you'll be running back into me. I have a rematch clause, and I'd rather not fight for the right when I already have the right. You may have gotten your hands full at SummerSlam, but just know that I want you in a one-on-one match for that title at a PPV that matters. So when you're done playing with your friends, I'll be the first to congratulate you and the first to challenge you. In the meantime, every month you run from me with your tail tucked between your legs, is a month you don't get paid.

    Michael sits up straight and lights up a cigar and leans forward on his desk.

    Michael: In the mean time, I've been training, recovering, fighting and getting ready for months. I ain't retiring until I can't move. This neck ain't completely broken just yet, so that's why I am offering an open challenge for Uprising. I want new blood. I want to face someone, I've never faced. I want to face a big money, kind of guy. Someone that has a bright future. I want to face someone that I had led for a short while. I want to face a man that was touted as the future, but just needs a little more time. In fact, this isn't an open challenge. This is just a challenge, to a man that I've been itching to beat the shit out of, for months. I used him to destroy Gav, and I'm ready to destroy him, myself.

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