Looks like Orton will remain a face for now

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  2. He was never turning lol, he'll get cheered too much for it.
  3. It could be done. Have him punt any diva but AJ, that'll turn the crowd :lol1:
  4. What does it matter? A heel turn won't magically make him more interesting because he plays the same personality either way. Putting him in interesting feuds (heel or face) is what will make him engaging again.
  5. Not a surprise.
  6. Randy Orton in an extended feud with The Blue Meanie on Superstars. Book it.
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  7. Never expected him to return as a heel. I want to see him turning because his character makes more sense as a heel, but if it happens I'm aware it'll take some time. Not surprised.
  8. I disagree, respectfully of course. When he was a heel he was a force to be reckoned with. He was diabolical and had malice intent. I found that extremely entertaining. He is kind of soft right now.
  9. Booked with special guest referee Boogeyman and time keeper Hornswoggle.
  10. He is stale, he needs this turn...

    But I guess we will have to wait, don't know if they are ever going to pull the tiger though
  11. He needs to turn heel He is boring as face and the heel persona suits him.
  12. I think Randy and Sheamus will eventually have a falling out which will turn Orton heel. Sheamus VS Orton at Wrestlemania will kind of be WWE's way of having Randy pass the torch to Sheamus as the top face of Smackdown.
  13. He could easily be diabolical as a face, though. It's not whether or not he's a face or a heel but how WWE chooses to book him. He can also be boring in a heel role as well. (I loved his 2009 feud with Triple H, but he could have a feud just as personal even in the baby face role.)
  14. He was a sadistic heel, it's hard to book that as a face. How can you logically book him punting a random face in the head for no reason? Plus, WWE have no idea how to book a face other than "Smile at the crowd, do some silly jokes and win all the time". Orton is horrible to watch now.
  15. Well, Orton isn't allowed to punt anyone in the head anymore, so it's a moot point. But more to the point, it's possible to show at least borderline heel characteristics even if you're a face. Imagine someone wronged Orton and he showed up at their house (like HHH did to him) and attacked them in front of their family. Their family would be innocent and would hate to watch said heel get a massive beat down (this could also be booked to happen at the arena as well, if said heel's wife or girlfriend or whatever was in the audience) but Orton would deliver it to them anyway. It's not impossible to book Orton as a face and not have him be boring. Considering some of WWE's heels are/were boring as well, it's not like him going back heel would automatically be the answer to making him interesting again.
  16. He get's cheered so why should he turn heel?
  17. He'll be Heel again before Wrestlemania.
  18. I'm just predicting that he's going to be facing Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania for the WHC.
  19. Orton/Ziggler/Sheamus/Show - Fatal Fourway

    Orton/Ziggler/Sheamus/Show/Henry - Championship Scramble

    It can be a singles match as well.