Storyline Lord Lee gives 'words of wisdom' to his potential Mania opponents!

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    *Lord Lee Tudor is sat in his office, he wears his traditional black suit, trousers and shoes which are then accompanied by a blue tie and a grey under shirt. His European belt is on a mantel-piece along with his IWT "Tag-Team of the year 2012" award and his MPEWA "Tag-Team of the year 2011" award.*

    Lord Lee: Hello one and hello all, today I talk to the men who will fight for the privilege of battling me for that *Points to the Euro belt* beautiful belt at IWT-MANIA II! The match will steal the show like you will never imagine, regardless of the three men BECAUSE I AM IN IT!

    Kaizer; A man who prides himself on being to the point and precise, he has criticised about me to other competitors for my inability to be precise in my promos and wrestling style. But guess what? He lost his EC qualifier to the lady who got eliminated first in the 2nd-rate EC, so I doubt he could beat the man who got eliminated first in the MAIN EVENT! Fluke a win in this match Kaizer and get your precious spotlight BUT YOU WILL NEVER GET THE BELT AS WELL! Your path to glory will not reach it's ultimate end goal, I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

    Nick; We last met at Survivor Series, your team won but now you have no-one to carry you and I am now a better man than back then. Since then, you have become no better and less confident, your mediocre results as of late; the little matches you've had; have put you as the dark horse in this title race. If I was a gambler I wouldn't necessarily say no to putting a cheeky bet on you though, you have promise and desire, all you got to do is release it out of it's cocoon. Don't be scared to fight for what you want Nick, or you will be sent to the bottom of the barrel..... AGAIN!

    And finally, Dolph's; One of the hottest topics around, a man that exudes charisma and intrigue, one of the only who can challenge me in such departments. You are the man the people want me to face and I respect that BUT YOU NEED TO TRULY EARN IT! No need to be like George and just stroll in and get title shots, it will always feel nicer when you've had to win this match to get the title shot regardless! If the two of us do face, it will steal the show! The IWT doesn't have sufficient respect for George and Dat Kid is not as good as he is made out to be! Bruce isn't ready and a lot of Bryant is just hype! We are true to the bone, we are skilful individuals who are two of the best this establishment has seen!

    To the three you; Good luck! May the best man win and shall we face in a MOTY candidate match at IWT-Mania!! You may lose but you will have the honour of facing ME...1....on......1!

    *The feed cuts*
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