Promos Lord Lee is a cancerous **** who cant make promos~

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    *Lee holds head as he walks. Interviewer next to him.*

    IV: After that end to your good reign, what next?

    *Lee shakes his head*

    Lee: not good, i beat old man, i beat crybaby who leave iwt, i bad really.

    IV: Are you alright Lord?

    *Lee blows a raspberry*

    Lee: I'm no Lord, I lose to baby who sleep a lot..

    *Lord Lee pouts, IV give blank face to camera*

    IV: Yeah... It's to end this.

    Lee: Me, big body, little man, I lose. I.... little lee.

    *IV angrily walks off but Lee is sick on IV before IV leave*

    Lee: Me, drink wine, too much.

    *Lee giggles as the camera feed cuts*
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  2. Thread of the year.
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  3. K.
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  4. normal lord lee promo.....
  5. in case u were wondering what that k meant ovalhead is that i dnt find this funny (idk if that's the point or not)
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  6. As if I didnt get the point of people using "k" at this point, as if it has been under utilised on this forum. Just felt I would respond with a neutral rep rating as an acknowledgement.

    Thanks for the clarification and/or feedback either way, will try my best to keep it in mind.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. My reaction every time you say you are going to win.
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  11. over doing it lads
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  12. Bunch of sad children
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  13. we all know that dios lad got bullied back in the university