Lord Lee Loses it

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  1. ******CCTV footage from Michael's office area - After Summerslam******

    *The receptionist is busy at her computer, completing her expected tasks. She logs off the computer, ready to finish her shift and leave. She seems rather relieved at the thought of going home. She is about the get up from her chair when she hears a loud bang. From outside the entrance door. This makes her jump out of her skin. She breaths heavily as she stares intensely at the door, racking her brains as to the cause. She then hears loud knocking at the door.*

    Lord Lee: Let me in!!!! Come on Mike. I want answers!!!

    *It appears to be Lord Lee. The receptionist stays silent for a moment before finally responding*

    Receptionist: Uhhh.....Ummmmm Michael isn't here right now, I'm afraid. Wo-


    *The receptionist starts trembling*

    Receptionist: [Stuttery] P-please believe m-me. He r-really isn't.

    Lord Lee: Now how can I believe that? HUH?!

    Receptionist: [Stuttery] F-fine! Come in then see for yourself!

    *Receptionist walks to the door, trembling. She takes a deep breath before cautiously opening the door. Lee is let in, who just storms in like nobody’s business*

    Lord Lee: MICHAEL!! DON’T HIDE FROM ME! *Searches around the office in an animalistic fashion* I just want answers from IWT’s ‘best ever’ GM… SO STOP HIDING!

    Receptionist: Believe me, he isn’t here, he hasn’t been back since he lost his match.

    Lord Lee: *scoffs* He still crying over his loss? Not good enough! *shakes head and sighs* My client was attacked. My World class star is being taken to A&E because three fragile individuals felt the need to mend the wounds left by Ovaldinho becoming more valuable.

    Receptionist: I'm sorry to hear this but..

    Lord Lee: Shut up sweetheart, just let.me.finish. Ok?

    *The receptionist sheepishly nods, gulping as she looks back at Lee with great anxiety*

    Lord Lee: I’m going to vent to you, because I can. So, just hear this; I don't care that Dat Kid's back. I don't care for how he has this his tendency of trying to make IWT about him, as if he's actually a temperamental kid acting up so someone pays attention to him. You think I watched that entire ironman match, do you? You think I cared to watch Dat Kid end up doing the same thing he 'lambasted' me back in the day for; repetition? I didn't. Black Lives may Matter, but Dat Kid's doesn't.

    Receptionist: I mean there's no need to be racial about it.

    Lord Lee: Come off it, tuts. I said Black Lives Matter. Don’t be so pedantic. Luis may have 'morals' and all that shit, but doesn't change who I am. Fuck it. Fuck Alias too, little bitch. Teaming with him back in the day, it doesn't shock me he's pulled this. Takes an L and then sweetens the deal by becoming the errand boy. I'll grant he had a richer IWT career than I did. But that doesn't change that I think he should join me in life of retirement. All three of those faggots should retire. Aids will probably have alcohol poisoning by the time we hit the next PPV anyway, Kid will show his true sociopathic tendencies and subtly push that manchild back on the alcohol. They should leave it. Bullad Club are 2016. IW3 seem to think it's still 2014. Leave it to the real ballers in IWT. Aids should leave it to Jacobs not to bottle it. Oh, I'm sorry, harsh subject? Yeah, Aids does love himself a bottle. Fuck it, pikey Mikey is scared of me or getting dick sucked by a minor. I'm off. Show some more cleavage by the way, just because you're not a whore… doesn't mean you have to be a prude. Cracking tits though... Call me when you get the chance.

    *Lord Lee grins at the receptionist, winking before handing her his number. He struts out the place. The receptionist is left stood there, hands over her head and puffing her cheeks out*
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