Storyline Lord Lee makes a shopping trip in preparation for Dolph's at IWT-Mania!

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  1. *Lord Lee has his Go-Pro attached to himself to an angle where you can see his face. He smiles condescendingly at the camera.*

    Lord Lee: Here we are ladies and gentlemen, another vlog for the E-fed masses to fall head over heels for. Today, I'm at the expensive UK supermarket Waitrose, I'm buying a couple of goodies in preperation for my IWT-Mania bout with the Show Off! As you can see in my trolley..

    *Turns Go-Pro to the trolley, it has a plastic bag with 4 banana cream pies in it along with a joke book. He then turns it back to his face.*

    Lord Lee: I'M GIVING THE IWT UNIVERSE EVERYTHING THEY'VE BEEN ASKING FOR! But I still need something extra to complete my list.

    *Lord Lee walks over to the clothing aisles, looking around but shaking his head.*

    Lord Lee: Looks like I'll have to ask the dumbass workers here for advice.

    *Lord Lee reluctantly walks over to a worker.*

    Worker: Oh wow, you're Lord Lee from IWT, I love your matches! Is there anything I can help you with?

    Lord Lee: Do you have any IWT superstar costumes in stock, preferably Dolph's and in a child size.

    Worker: Yes, actually they right over there.

    *Worker points to the costumes section, where many IWT attires e.g. Dolph's fake mustache and white shirt etc. , Lord Lee's Natural Selection shirt and Aids Johnson's Relevant hoodie are all proudly there.*

    Lord Lee: Much thanks commoner!

    *Lord Lee: waves at him and walks over to the attires. He snatches Dolph's attire and shoves in it his trolley.*

    Lord Lee: Oh, I just noticed Dat Kid's WHC belt....It has NO sales, typical!

    *Lord Lee laughs and leaves, making his way to the checkout, not interested in paying. A security guard stops him on the way.*

    Security Guard: You're going to have pay mate or I'll have to have you arrested and detained.

    *Lord Lee chuckles loudly, the guard and the fellow shops look bewildered.*

    Lord Lee: [Whispered into the ear of the guard] You're pretty adorable, with your chubby body and bald head. Listen hot fuzz, I could paralyse you with or without a weapon and better yet, I have a dagger in my pocket, so step aside, the Queen adores me so I wouldn't get anything negative done to me, step down big man!

    *The security guard reluctantly lets him past, Lord Lee smiles and victoriously strolls out of the shop with his trolley of goodies, ready to hatch his ultimate IWT-Mania performace.*

    Lord Lee: You people may regret wanting some of the things you wanted in the IWT, I'll be having George Carlin spinning in his grave by the end of my match with Dolph's....I GUARANTEE IT!! But that's all from me, I hope you have enjoyed my vlog today, remember to like, favourite and subscribe! And remember, YOU CANNOT BEAT THE RICH ELITE!

    *The video ends, followed by this generic Conservative advertisement.*
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