Promos Lord Lee Tudor returns after a week vacation but his IC title doesn't!..

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  1. *Lord Lee emerges from behind the curtain with a blank expression, he wears his black suit, trousers and shoes with a blue tie. He is booed by the vocal majority. For once, he is without his IWT IC title, causing confusion. Although, he does have a briefcase in his right hand with the EU logo on it.*

    Commentator 1: Where's this mad mans title?

    Commentator 2: I hope he's done nothing stupid, his loss at in the Chamber might have prompted him to do something stupid.

    *Lord Lee walks up the stairs and into the ring, he has a microphone thrown to him and he nods in appreciation. The music cuts*

    Lord Lee: I'm baaaaaaaaack! I hope the IWT Universe has all enjoyed their last week, because I did! Me and that receptionist you have seen before had constant sex from Wednesday up until yesterday, great fun had by the both of us!

    But to the meat and potatoes of me being back today, I need to address something I did. On Friday, while with my girlfriend, we traveled across a field, I had my IWT IC title in my briefcase, keeping it with me at all times just to be safe, and my girlfriend likes the power it brings along with it. While we walked across this wonderful field, I found a trashcan that was burning. When we found it, I had also been thinking about how much I'm sick of the belt, therefore... I BURNED IT!

    [​IMG] <<< On the titantron

    Your IC belt is GONE!!! Don't worry though.... This isn't me vacating my upper mid-card championship, I have a replacement, one with more prestige and dignity.... Here we go!

    *Lord Lee opens up his briefcase to reveal a new belt*


    *Lord Lee lifts the new belt in the air, the crowd gasp, the non-Europeans in the crowd boo.*

    Lord Lee: This belt has been neglected from the company for almost a year now, it was sadly left to collect dust in the IWT HQ after half of the mid-card belts were made inactive. It isn't the European belt that should be disowned though, BUT THE IC BELT! This *Points to the European belt* beautiful, gorgeous, prestigious, golden belt is what will now cover my waist and will be what represents our promising mid-card from now on. If you don't like it, take it up with the IWT's twitter, they will care more than I do about your bitchy behaviour.

    *Lord Lee eagerly puts the belt around his waist, grinning in delight!*

    Lord Lee: I am no longer your IWT IC champion...but instead, you IWT EUROPEAN CHAMPION!!

    *Lord Lee smiles at the camera lens before raising his left fist, he throws the European briefcase into the crowd before strolling out of the ring. He slowly walks up the ramp as he is booed. At the top of the ramp, he sarcastically plays his air-violin for 10 seconds before walking off the ramp and backstage.*
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  2. YES! YES! YES! But the IC Bet shouldn't be retired
  3. *Kousaki watches Lee from the back*
    Kousaki: Heh, he acts as if Europe was ever relevant in IWT. What a shame.
  4. I'll gladly take the I.C title back.
  5. I'll take it back
  6. OOC: Currently burning sorry. :/
  7. OOC: Then I'll gladly bring back a new version of the I.C belt.
    You never even had it.
  8. Sorry i made a new one! HAHAHAHA
  9. We have too many mid-card titles.... Hardcore, X-Division and European is enough!
  10. So, i went bought a replica and payed of the GM to give it to me!
  11. I won't defend it i will just do what Eric Young did with the old TNA belt carry it around!
  12. OOC: Your record is 1-5 or something like that. You're a paper champ with a kids belt.
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  13. 1-2-1
  14. I want the gold, sucka!
  15. Fight me for it ;)
  16. Winner is the true IC champion
  17. Not sure if joking, but we do honestly have enough belts.

    Anyway, you can't be a true I.C champ if you've never been one.
  18. Go for the X-Division belt you jobbers ;)
  19. :dafuq:

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  20. it was a joke but i thought that would have been a good opportunity to have a match, winner is the final IC champ and it get's retired :):dawg: also i beat you down and you beat me down, bloody brawls lead to matches from what i hear...