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  1. *Lord Lee is walking gingerly backstage, when interviewer Dino Winwood catches up with him wanting an interview*

    Dino: So after an anti-climactic Elimination Chamber, is this the end of your Main Event push for now?

    *Lord Lee looks at Dino sternly for 3 seconds before walking away again. Dino runs after him.*

    Dino: Okay okay okay! Another question then....While your EC performance was mediocre at best, you still retained your IC title tonight against A VETERAN in Senhor, how does that make you feel?

    *Lord Lee shakes his head*

    Lord Lee: No need to kiss my ass...I would rather just not have this interview, leave this arena and go to the Caribbean and listen to tropical music or watch TV with Donald Trump....I'm sick of thinking about the EC match!

    You want to know HOW THE MAN WHO IS THE FIRST TO RETAIN THE IC BELT IN HALF A YEAR FEELS? Not as happy as I should, I'm so disappointed in my self.. On my day, I could have made the top 3 in that Main Event! I believe I can go toe to toe with Bryant, who is your new IWT champ!

    I won't criticise him like everyone else though, he put on a good showing tonight. People will ALWAYS BITCH ABOUT SITUATIONS LIKE THESE! Genesis Wrestling or CPW would suit your needs better if you don't appreciate it.

    *Dino tries to act like he doesn't know what those e-feds are.*

    Dino: Any final words regarding the PPV?

    Lord Lee: Well...... tonight I have learned I'm not worthy of being a main-eventer.... tonight I got out-performed by someone who went into purgatory.... tonight I wasted a golden opportunity of cementing a legacy! And I while I will live it down, it'll take while, this loss is humbling to say the least. I'm not a 'people person' and I get that, it's just disheartening is all.

    Fuck this interview, I'm going home and watching Community with Donald Trump!

    *Lord Lee Tudor walks off, leaving a frown on Winwoods face*
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  2. OOC - Ovalhead, why would you hurt Wintwood's feelings like that? What a fucking heel you are.
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  3. ::D'Z watches the promo from his home and thinks to himself that Sir Lee vs D'Z at IWTMania 2 could be money::