Storyline LORD LEE! We comin for YOU Nikka!

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  1. The crowd pops loudly for D'Z, as he appears for the first time since becoming the #1 contender for Lord Lee's championship. Dolph's emphatically gestures for the crowd to stand and cheer and they are happy to oblige. He moves his hands across his glorious waist, not to bring attention to his main event bulge, but to signal that he will be taking home the title at IWT Mania 2.
    Sliding into the ring and taking the mic from the ring announcer, D'Z soaks in the deafening "Ziggler! Ziggler!" chants before starting.

    "Gone but not forgotten I see. I do apologize for my disappearance post-Uprising, but please do not mistake my absence for apathy. I have been distant, but I have also kept a close eye on all of the happenings in the IWT, in particular I've kept close tabs on everything coming out of Lord Lee's mouth."
    **The Crowd boos and one little kid even pukes at the very mention of Lord Lee's name**
    "Now, I saw his little video blog, or "vlog" as the kids are saying, and I also heard about the response from all of you, the fans. Lee called me out, and I didn't respond. I didn't tweet about it. I didn't vlog about it. People asked 'is D'Z shook? in over his head? going to get his monkey ass kicked all over the arena at IWT Mania 2 by Sir Lee?"
    "Hey, it could happen I guess. Any time you compete in an IWT ring you could get your ass whooped. But knowing that, I am going into my Mania match with Lord Lee more prepared than ever. There isn't a Lee match in the archives that I haven't studied. He hasn't cut a promo that I haven't dissected. I've sharpened my own tools and my skills are as honed as they will ever be. I am in the prime of my career, as is Lord Lee no doubt, and this match is going to do what most fans expect and that is steal the show."

    **The crowd erupts at the thought of this surefire classic encounter before D'Z continues**
    "And while I do expect to walk out the victor at IWT Mania 2, I have no illusion that a single victory over Lord Lee is going to put him to rest. You see, this is the beginning of a war that will rage on in IWT for years to come. Rarely are two competitors of this caliber rising up the ranks simultaneously. As Lee has pointed out already, he has a rematch clause if he is to lose the title, but even beyond that our paths seem destined to remain intertwined throughout our careers as we ascend toward the main event.

    Lord Lee, you've got the talent, but you don't have the heart of a champion. You think you have impacted the division because you swapped out the Intercontinental Championship for the old European Championship? How about actually defending the title? You might not give a damn, but your lazy attitude has put this division on life support, and I'm the guy that is here to revive it. Now whether that be with a classic series of matches with a talented lad such as yourself... or if I 'm forced to bury you where you stand and step over your battered carcass on my way to fixing things, will be up to you. So what's it gonna be, champ? Are you prepared to test your hand at greatness? Or are you going to roll over like a typical pussy Englishman?

    Now, spin my funky outro track."

    D'Z picks up a few groupies on his way up the ramp and is out this bitch.
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