Storyline Lord Lee's FINAL message to Dolph's before IWT Mania

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  1. *Lord Lee is in his office, his IWT Euro and ICW WHC at the front of the table next to his Apple MACintosh computer. He is already looking at the camera at the beginning of filming.*

    Lord Lee: Hello again D'Z, how are you? Now, I must tell you... what I LOVE about big, global, brand-defining events, it isn't just the potential for extra profits, it's also the added pressure that the competitors will find themselves in, and it is this that can make them totally different people. Who is to say either me or you will act or behave in a new, unseen manner, due to the over-whelming circumstances or the feel that we need to step up a gear to not just satisfy ourselves and the desire to win but the ambitions of attaining the glorious reception the winner will get, the crowning glory in front of a Worldwide audience and the big event win to chalk up on our records!

    This is both of our 1st WM's and I promise your pompous backside that we will outperform washed up hasbeens like Kid who go into this being their SECOND Mania, he beat two jobbers to win a lower-mid card title in his 1st Mania, but we fight each-other, two upper mid-carders with charisma, brains AND bronze!! We may be the 2nd match on the card but our match will be 1st place in quality, in spite of all the filler mid-card matches on the card, OURS will be the one that defines the division for years....and years.....and then some!

    You also discussed my belt in your recent promo, may I respond by saying I didn't do this primarily to boost significance of the belt or the division, although that was somewhere in my mind during the time, so give yourself a silver star sticker for that I suppose! Mainly, I changed the belt because the Euro belt....Is much more Lord Lee than the IC belt when you think about it and I wanted to slap a bit of my perfect personality on this belt, so there's the story behind the change. Hope that satisfies your curious mind!

    I must go now, me, Cameron and Trump are off to watch the Iron Lady and fap to the might of Maggie Thatcher. Make the most out of the next couple of days, because after IWT Mania, your days will be filled with you moping around, pondering how you lost a mid-card title match when you were destined for the biggest title in the e-fed;The IWT Title; in the first place.

    *Lord Lee cackles as he looks into the camera with a demonic stare. The feed cuts.*
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