Promos Lord Lee's OSU Post-show interview!

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  1. Renee Young: Ladies and gentlemen, we have another interview now. Here to be my co-host for this Old-School interview is ex-Million Dollar Champion Big Hoss.

    *An applause is heard from the audience as Hoss walks onto the set and sits next to Renne Young.

    Hoss: Great to be back on the IWT programming after so long off! Who will the guest be for my return?

    Young: The longest running IWT European champion of all time; Lord Leeeeeee!

    *Lord Lee strolls onto the set to a jeer from the audience, he winks at them before he sits down. He is wearing his traditional formal clothing and has his Euro title around his waist. *

    Lord Lee: Hope I don’t make you look to one-dimensional Hoss, I know how the Old School wasn’t as diverse as the ‘Current School’ aka the better school.

    *Hoss sighs as the fans boo*

    Renee: So before we descend into chaos….Lord Lee; What are your current feelings regarding your win tonight?

    Lord Lee: Me and Alias reminded everyone why we are did better than David and Jwab; Who forfeited his match!! Us two have that level of instinct in the ring that your average jobber tries to replicate all the time but just doesn’t have the mentality attributes to do so.

    And oddly enough, for once, I feel compassion. Maybe it’s because I’ve known the Dazzling Chavs for so long. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here, a leading man in the company, being invited to post-show interviews, they are the men who gave me the reality check to help me be more successful. That is one of the few things I will ever appreciate…

    Hoss: Soppyness aside, what are your opinions on Kaizers result?

    Lord Lee: To be honest, I had my doubts regarding Kaizers chances, Andrew is a highly experienced individual, learning from such men as Dat Kid and is teamed up with such a high maintenance wrestler in Spinzz. Maybe the hipsters are onto something here, but just like what the higher-ups did to Freaks and Geeks and Arrested Development, I’m doing to this kid!

    Young: Any closing statements to wrap up the interview?

    Lord Lee: Oh I do, because, in this show, the name I heard quite a bit, wasn’t just Dat Kid, or Aids Johnson. I also heard another competitors name get used on multiple occasions during this show. Do you know who that is?

    Hoss: Is this a cute way of plugging your name drops?

    Lord Lee: Big talk considering I’m an MP, I can easily have you taken to court for your Watch Wrestling content, why don’t you quit the big guy talk and go back to pretending your stocks in WWEForums mean anything anymore..

    But yes I am referring to myself. Not just on the show itself but backstage I overheard Aids chewing the fat with the IWT crew members about me, and how his client Vargas will take me down, well I’m on his radar. How about Draven, huh? I ended his relevancy in January and he made a cute little remark about me before his match, publicity of all kinds gets me extra IWT royalties so thanks buddy, I take your spotlight and I get cash! FailFace came out with a shirt with my name on it along with a FAKE belt, interesting to see I could be targeted by Magnus.

    Yet, my future opponent Christopher didn't give me a mention, obviously my intimidating nature would have been to distracting for him in the match of course. Our destination is pre-determined; facing each other in the ring but I also feel the result is pre-determined too, Kaizer can cause shocks, but I've been struck from lightning before and survived it so I am safe.

    Renne: Thank for this interview, ladies and gentlemen give it up for Lord Lee!

    *The audience boos as he shakes Young’s hand, intentionally doesn’t shake Hoss’ and strolls off the set*
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