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  1. Narrator: You're probably hearing Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough right now, but I'm more of a Ron Howard from Happy Days & Arrested Development type. I'm here to tell you about Luis Ovaldinho visiting Lord Lee's new large, and certainly not over-compensating yacht. Anyone aware of the full story about Lee & Luis' fallout would never have expected Luis to agree to this. But here we are, seeing him accept his manager's invitation.

    Lord Lee: Luis, you've made a wise choice.

    Narrator: Lee's grin could probably be seen from the other side of the ocean. Luis takes off his jacket, which is immediately taken and put away by one of the many staff members hired for the yacht. Lee leads Luis to two sun loungers towards the front of the yacht.

    Lord Lee: Take a seat.. I insist.

    Narrator: Despite the hesitation at first, Luis nods and takes his place on one of the two loungers. Lee gleefully sits himself down on the other, looking just as smug as expected. Next to each lounger is a small table, a pair of Rayban (currently negotiating a deal with Lord Lee's agency) sunglasses, Jonnie Walker (also negotiating a deal with Lord Lee's agency) scotch and a whisky glass on each table.

    Lord Lee: Don't be shy, Luis. Bask in the experience, pop on a pair of those Raybans, and let your taste buds swim in the delight that is Jonnie Walker. Both brands soon to be our newest partners.

    Narrator: Lee rubs his hands together and licks his lips before putting his pair of sunglasses on and pouring a glass of scotch for himself. Luis nervously watches Lee before repeating what he saw Lee do. Both men have their sunglasses on and scotch in hand. Lord Lee takes a big swig while Luis takes a much more cautious approach about drinking his. This comes to Lee's attention.

    Lord Lee: Come on, son. Drink it up. I know you're not the biggest alcohol enthusiast, but scotch is the drink of men and you are some man. Now, don't let that liquid gold go to waste.

    Narrator: Lee's stare at Luis becomes sterner before Luis awkwardly nods and actually takes the leap, drinking up the scotch. The strength of it causes Luis to start coughing, but tries to hold it back in front of Lee.

    Lord Lee: Now now. No need to try and look macho in front of me. I was like that when I was new to scotch. [Lee gently laughs] You learn to handle it's power, which if anything teaches you a lesson about overcoming the power of a strong opposition in a wrestling match.

    Narrator: This point posed by Lee leaves Luis resting a puzzled expression.

    Lord Lee: Now, I'm aware we left off last time with bad terms bu-

    Narrator: Luis finally breaks his silence with a loud intentional cough, stopping Lee dead in his tracks.

    Ovaldinho: Bad terms... bad terms? I think it was more than just 'bad terms'. It was a complete and utter breakdown in communication. That was the worst I've ever seen the two of us since I first met you 18 months ago. How do we continue working together after that?

    Narrator: Lee's face merely a grimace after hearing Luis' strong words. But bites his tongue and avoids lashing back. He pours himself another glass of scotch, downs it in one. And turns back to an agitable Luis.

    Lord Lee: Alright, sure. Maybe I lost sight of how you, my client felt on the situation and where we're headed. Maybe we're vastly different people with polarising stances on ethics and morality.. But in this industry.. That's irrelevant. Above all else, we're here to be financially secure. You can be the best at whatever you want but if your standard of living is not where you want and better yet need it to be, how can your quality of life be any good?

    Narrator: This proves to be quite thought provoking to Luis, who strokes his chin and runs his fingers through his hair as he ponders what Lee just said.

    Lord Lee: If you don't want me coming to the ring with you or having a say in your wrestling training.. fine, I can agree to that. But remember, you've only been a IWT superstar for 3-4 months. You've only had 2 full matches yet look where you are; in an IWT title match. You worked damn hard for that title shot, but with good management you got there quicker than most do. On your own you are a good enough wrestler, but I'm the genius who will make you the best marketed wrestler this business has ever seen.

    Ovaldinho: That's a fair point.

    Lord Lee: All these deals you're getting, all this money you're making from them. I know you find some of it tedious.. but tell me it isn't great to know you'll be the face of multiple brands soon, and even more if you beat Aids at Summerslam. If you can tell me that it isn't.. I'll take that on the chin and let you free of your contract.

    Ovaldinho: I..I can't.

    Narrator: Ovaldinho nods in concession, acknowledging the validity of Lee's argument.

    Ovaldinho: Although, I think it's time I start going to the ring on my own full-time... I am glad to continue being a part of your agency. You help get me financial and competitive opportunities and I help you get a yacht. Apparently.

    Narrator: Luis and Lee share a laugh for the first time in a while. The rebuild of their trust and understanding seems to be well on course.

    Lord Lee: You certainly contributed with the money you've made me. Trust me, I'm genuinely grateful for that too. There's a reason I was eager to have you on this thing of beauty. To show what your greatness is capable of. I know your heart will always be found in the ring, but life's also about those cheeky perks. So, we good? [Extends hand to Luis]

    Ovaldinho: Sure, I've always been an advocate for second chances [Shakes Lee's hand] as it was you who gave me a second chance after how mediocre my first stint in a wrestling company was.

    Lord Lee: Wise decision. Now go and make me, and more importantly you even richer. Beat Aids Johnson and your critics won't be able to get you off their Youtube pre-rolls, billboards or television sets.

    Narrator: They both get off their sun loungers, take off their sunglasses and look eachother straight in the eyes.

    Lord Lee: Can you do it?

    Ovaldinho: Yes.

    Lord Lee: Louder.. do it??

    Ovaldinho: Yes.

    Lord Lee: EVEN LOUDER.. CAN.. YOU.. DO IT???


    Narrator: The atmosphere between the two reaches fever pitch as they emphatically high five and hug.

    Lord Lee: Finish your training, finish your prep. Finish what we've started and bring the gold home!

    Narrator: Luis assertively nods as he collects his jacket and makes his way off the yacht. With the partnership back in business, who knows what this will do for Ovaldinho's momentum. Will we see business as usual with Aidsey retaining or will the foundations of IWT be violently rocked as we see a new man standing tall over the IWT roster? Only Summerslam can tell us the answer to that.
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