Los Angeles Votes To Raise Minimum Wage to $15 & also likely to go up in the rest of the country

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  1. A long time ago, America had this thing called the Industrial Revolution. Businesses started making millions, and America was on the verge of becoming the #1 economic country in the world. As time went on, the U.K. began to crumble and America kept steadily rising until finally, the U.K. defaulted on their debt, and the U.S. took over as the top dog. This happened at around the time of Nixon. But then these evil things called "unions" started demanding outrageous amounts for work that didn't deserve that much pay. So to comp with that loss, businesses in the U.S. began having to charge more. As time went on, businesses began to charge more and more to comp for the stupid unions pushing for increased minimum wage. Which brings us to this crap. What needs to happen is an even lowering of wages, and thus a mandatory lowering of prices by the government. But will that happen? No. America is screwed.
  2. lol

    People are fucking idiots if they thinking raising the min. wage does anything. #1 inflation. #2 companies employing min. wage workers are going to start laying people off left and right and you'll have 1/2 as many people working twice as hard at the same jobs. So instead of two people making 9 each you'll have one person making 15.

    Congrats dipshits. I hope we raise it to 15 dollars everywhere. Fuck, let's do 25. 50 an hour for flipping burgers! That will make the dumbasses happy when they can sit at home and count all of their now worthless paper and they'll have to have a grocery cart full of money to buy stamps.
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  3. Me personally, I think it could spike unemployment up (yeah, all these hard working people lose their jobs), cause less job opportunities to be available, it definitely will be more costly to live here, thus possibly causing some people to lose their homes. The LA City Council has basically voted to put the city on the fast track to ruin. Minimum wage jobs are not careers. These jobs have been traditionally done by high school/college students as an introduction to the workforce. Now many of these jobs will simply vanish as employers flee LA and those that stay replace employees with automation. Many small business (such as restaurants) will encounter reduced demand as these costs are passed on to customers and customers go elsewhere to find better value.
  4. I agree with bringing it lower, but at a steady pace. They're shooting it up too hard like heroin, and it makes everything fall down. The value of the dollar diminishes even more, and then people will just want it to go higher and higher, bringing more of the domino effect.
  5. Don't think people understand when they raise minimum wage, they basically raise living costs and what not. Why you think Seattle so expensive?
  6. Anyone who's in favor of this doesn't understand economics at a basic level. Instant idiot filter.
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  7. Well it is happening all over now.

    Kids will be paid $15 an hour to pick their noses and flip burgers. Walmart greeters will be paid $15 to stand in front of the doors saying "hello".
    Minimum wage isn't helping the poor it is making them poorer and because they can't afford education, they don't know any different.

    The cost of living will rise, more people will come out of retirement to compensate, which means less jobs for teens and young adults. It is hard to find a job with a degree right now... imagine how hard it will be to find one when minimum wage is $15 an hour...

    Uggg... Why don't people think before they demand. I think minimum wage shouldn't exist at all. Pay according to age, skills, and work load.
  8. Agreed, it's going to fuck all of us in the end.