Spoiler Rumor Lots of returns?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Jun 19, 2016.

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  2. I would definitely bet on Goldberg. We know he has been in contact with WWE becuz of 2k17. I bet theyll put him in a feud with Reigns just like how they had Rollins vs Sting.
  3. Goldberg was contacted by 2K Sports, themselves.
  4. Goldberg said so himself, if I remember correctly. And so did many other news outlets.
  5. shitty source
  6. If Meltzer said it, then it must be true. :otunga:
  7. You post that everywhere. There's a reason it says "rumor".

    It's not 100% fact.
  8. Goldberg sucks and Angle shouldn't even be rasslin'.
  9. LOL, I know it's a rumor. 'cause everything Meltzer reports should be taken with a huge grain of salt.
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  10. Forbes usually does have garbage wrestling news
  11. Balor working my 2012 "Meltzer is a dirt sheet" gimmick up in this thread.

    A nice rule of thumb is to treat all wrestling news, no matter the source. As a rumor until confirmed.

    There's no need to argue over what is and isn't a rumor. Until Stevie Richards is on WWE TV it is a rumor.
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    Always down to have Morrison and Carlito on TV
  13. I can't even hate on the older guys, i'd actually be hyped to see them again. Definitely Morrison, Angle would be dope as fuck part time I think, Cryme Tyme would be cool but after the books JTG has written i highly doubt that, Carlito could help out Primo/Epico so im all for that, Goldberg would be cool to see a few times I guess, definitely get Hardy back there for a last run. WWE's roster already looks spectacular and it just keeps gettin better.
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  14. Meltzer just commented on this on his own twitter.
    "I never once mentioned any of these names".
  15. I would love for all these guys to come back in some fashion. It would make things fun again. Let Goldberg have a match with reigns at summerslam, let angle be a manger for some talent. Let hardy put over rusev or someone else. Then let Morrison and Carlitos start to compete somewhere in the IC and US title divisions.

    I want to keep the emphasis on the up and coming talent, and having the veterans come back can help do that.
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  16. Kayfabe news is more reliable than Forbes. Also, would they even be able to contact Hardy while he's under contract? And no way would Angle want a harsh schedule.
  17. Angle would work 340 days a year if they let him. But last time he tried to get with the WWE didn't he go over Trips' head? Thought it pissed him off so bad he didn't want Angle in.

    IF Angle came back I'd only want him to manage AA, or have some on screen role like commentator/GM. Dude does not need to be wrestling at all.
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  18. No. They could not contact Hardy while he is under TNA contract. And Hardy cannot contact WWE either. Granted that doesn't stop either party from using friends of friends and such to put out feelers. Unofficially of course
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