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  1. Amos walks through the curtain after his match with Arno, and is immediately thrusted with a microphone in his face by Sage @Lady Deathbane (cause I can just use your old character cause i got it like that :reigns4:)

    Evander Amos: Woah, what the fuck, get that shit out of my face. What's wrong with you?

    Sage: I'm sorry Evander, I just have a few questions I wanted to ask you regarding recent events.

    Evander: Well they must be some damn good questions.

    Sage: You seem to be pretty busy as of late. You had your first match be an IC Title Shot, coming up short against four-

    Evander: Are we here to talk about-

    Sage: You going to let me ask my damn questions:

    Evander's eyes shoot open and he puts his hands up to his shoulders. Sage rolls her eyes

    Sage: You came up short against some of IWTs best in your first match, you just beat Arno Frye in a hell of a match, you're fighting Aids Johnson in your first televised match, and you are entered in the IWT Championship Tournament for a chance to face one of the most dominate competitors of all time, Alias Antonio. Do you feel like you're biting off more than you can chew?

    Evander smirks

    Evander: I knew that's where that was going. No one should be surprised at what I'm doing. I said before that IC title match that I was not settling for second place. I had agreed to a match with Aids, but an opportunity arised for me to become an IWT Champion, was i supposed to just sit in the back and fiddle with my dick? I might lose to Aids and beat Jwab. I might beat Aids and lose to Jwab. Hell I might lose both matches, but then again I might win both matches. Point being is that I have to opportunities to start something great.

    Miss, if i told you there was a global lottery for $1 trillion dollars, would you buy one ticket? No, you would buy as many tickets as you could, same science here. I am here to win and win often. There are people who have been here for years, I have catching up to do and I'm not here to waste time.

    Evander winks and tries to slap Sage's ass and get elbowed in the nose. His nose is bleeding as he covers his face and holds his hand in front of the camera.

    Evander: You gotta edit that out, you gotta edit that out, stop playi-

    The feed cuts out.
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  2. That's what you get for trying to get with Forté's wife.:kanye3:
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  3. No one is trying :reigns4: