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  1. Okay everyone, here's the deal.

    The Locker Room is LQ, and Crayo told me he wants everyone to report LQP, so do your part in making WF better and report every post in this section.

    Don't worry, I already reported this thread!
  2. Stop reporting, Jesus.
  3. I reported it one more time for good measure.
  4. Are you on here 24/7 like I just posted this thread 5 seconds ago
  5. Xanth or me? Either way yes
  6. Dolph = The best backdoor mod on the planet.
  7. I am the best admin on the planet, so admin me
  8. I'm a better mod then Kyle.
  9. My UID automatically makes me better than you at everything.
  10. do i sense a euphemism there o.o
  11. I was worried it would get lost on some people, but I should have trusted you.
  12. :haha: bitch please, I'm actually a mod on another site. You're a spambot with a human name.
  13. How has this idiot been here since the beginning? Ive seen all 10 of his posts spanned over my time here, and all are absolute trash. Some are hahafunnytroll posts, but most are huge wastes of time, like this shit.
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  14. Hey there buddy, are
  15. No just letting you know how little I appreciate your stupidity/LQ posts/shit humor. I feel like i wasted 2-3 minutes of my life replying here twice, so you're welcome for my time.
  16. Thanks for bumping the thread :trolldance: