Lucas Hacksaw is here!

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    *Lucas Hacksaw's music hits to a huge pop*
    *Lucas Hacksaw grabs the mic*

    All of you here in the crowd have been suffering for a long time. Suffering from a load of crap. However things will change now that I am here. You all saw how amazing I did in FNW and you all saw how I jumped to the top fairly quickly. But putting all of that aside, I am here in IWT where I will too jump to the top. I promise you that NOBODY will get in my way without being beaten down. In fact, I am the tough guy here in IWT and I would love to see anyone stop me.

    *Lucas Hacksaw leaves the ring*
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  2. *Jacob watching backstage*

    What the hell is FNW?
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  3. *Lucas Hacksaw is standing behind Jacob*

    Fight Night Wrestling.

    OOC: Check the sub forums for IWT and you will find it :)
  4. Yeah, yeah. I know, FNW... That unsuccessful company. I remember it. Was a shame for wrestling...

    OOC: I know what FNW is, I fight in FNW too. Is just that IWT isn't FNW and what other people does in other companies doesn't matter here, at least for me
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  5. A shame for wrestling... my ass.

    OOC: I know, I just wanted something my character could boast about lmao :)
  6. *Joel Rain watches from backstage*

    "FNWhat? Sounds like a brand of cereal."
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  7. *Lucas Hacksaw joins Joel Rain*

    I don't know what sort of cereal you eat and quite frankly, I don't care. However, it is for real wrestling. Well, when I was in it, it was. Of course it has probably changed since that i'm not there.
  8. FNW stands for Fuck No Whores.
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  9. Didn't that company closed?
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  10. I heard Vince McMahon would've bought it, but it wasn't worth his time he said. Not even his son would buy it.
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  11. Yeah, it's true. McMahon and his bad investments...
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    You posted in the wrong section.

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  13. Why?
  14. lol all the hate. Join FNW and stick to a diff name here, welcome to IWT man.
  15. Loving the FNW hate. Likes to all
  16. It's not FNW hate. It's just that this is the IWT! Fuck FNW HERE!