Lucas Hacksaw is here!

Discussion in 'Federation X' started by Samalan, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. *Lucas Hacksaw runs out to a huge pop*
    *He enters the ring and picks up the mic*
    What a great bunch of Federation X fans in the crowd tonight! I believe my theme tune is correct, everything is awesome. I have just had the best tour of this amazing city and what a day it has been. Although, i'm going to admit, there are too many bins. Every time I park on the road, a bin always manages to have been knocked over behind my car. Anyway, i'm going to get straight to the point so I don't end up talking about a load of rubbish... No? Tough crowd.

    Anyway, my first match in Federation X is against Eduardo. Now I have looked on internet forums and everyone is saying that Eduardo is going to kick my ass. Well, that is Wrestling Forums for you. However, that won't happen because I have something Eduardo doesn't. I have passion. I am passionate about this business, I am passionate about every single one of you fans and I am most certainly passionate about my pay. However, I will give Edualoseo a chance to talk. Come out here, Eduardo! (@Ed!)