Lucas Hacksaw Speaks

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  1. *Lucas Hacksaw's theme hits to a huge pop*
    *Lucas Hacksaw walks to the ring holding a microphone*

    It's great to be back! Now I know a lot of you have missed me during my absence and I must say, I have missed my amazing fans as well. I was out of action due to a serious injury. Now this has nothing to do with IWT or in ring action however due to court orders, I must keep this information private. I have spent the last, god knows how long, in hospital getting a lot of surgery to fix me up. Not once did I cry in pain. Not once did I even complain. I have suffered many injuries in my entire wrestling career, too many to count, and not once did I ever moan about it or wish I quit the business. I knew the consequences and i'm more then happy to risk my body to entertain the great fans who actually appreciate it. Now that i've returned, i'm only going one direction and that direction is the top.

    *crowd pop*

    I have been informed of my match which will be taking place soon and I am not going to say the usual crap about giving my opponent a beating of a lifetime because who knows what can happen. I can say that I will try my very best, beyond my limits to come out victorious. As of now, you won't see 100% effort from me. You will be seeing 200% if that. I have learned many things over my wrestling career which includes never be big headed because it will only turn out for the worst and secondly, never stop trying because the second you do, your career will fall to its lowest. I believe if I follow that advice, I can rise to the top where I should be.
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  2. Damn, great promo man. Didn't expect that if I'm honest.

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