Lucas Hacksaw

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  1. [size=x-large]Lucas Hacksaw[/size]


    Finishing Moves:
    • Chokeslam
    • Diving Headbutt

    Signature moves:
    • Sharpshoter
    • Kenton Bomb
    • Super Neckbreaker
    • Angel Splash
    • Heartbreaker

    "The Smasher"

    Entrance Theme's:
    Dragonforce -Through The Fire & Flames

    Lucas Hacksaw (FNW Champion) : 0

    History-Lucas Hacksaw

    Lucas Hacksaw (Born 25/01/1980) is a Federation X Wrestler created by Samalan. He was born in New York, New York. He grew up in an area of crime and when he was only 14, he got mugged by a random stranger. After that, he went to the gym and started to do heavyweight lifting and by the age of 16, he finally wanted to become a wrestler. After gaining extra strength, he got more support from family and friends. He did get in to a lot of fights from then and tried proving a point that he could be a champion..

    [size=x-large]Championship Chase:[/size]


    Lucas Hacksaw debuted on the 1st episode of Fight Night Wrestling where he faced Zach Schmidt and won via pinfall after Mad Dogg attempted to distract Hacksaw. Hacksaw avoided Zach Schmidt's attack and Mad Dogg was hit, allowing Hacksaw to hit his finisher for the won.. The following week Hacksaw faced the winner of the other one on one match, Brian Messias, but lost to Messias via pinfall. Hacksaw would then face the man who interfered in his match, Mad Dogg. Hacksaw would lose the match to Mad Dogg when Mad Dogg hit his Finisher. Hacksaw earlier that night accepted a match against Brian Messias & the following week, Hacksaw was victorious pinning Messias. The following week to settle the score with Zach, Hacksaw faced him & defeated him with his chokeslam. Hacksaw tagged with Austins against Brian Messias & Zach Schmidt the following week where he defeated both men as Zach & Messias both want the win

    Lucas Hacksaw defeated Zach Wood fairly easily in his first match in December