Lucas vs Rhodes

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  1. 3 Promos each.
    No Pics, videos, GIF whatever.

    Samalan you move first
  2. *Lucas Hacksaw's theme hits to a huge pop*

    Thank you everyone for your support. As you all know, I am quite new to this company and a lot of people have been looking down at me saying that I have no chance of becoming a huge star in this company, some even saying that I will forever be a jobber. I completely disagree with both statements. We all know that I am tough, smart and talented and therefore I believe that I have a better chance of becoming a huge star than any other rookie here. I even have a better chance than those who have been in this company for a long long time. This is my first match to back up what i've been saying. MY TIME IS NOW! Rodrigo, get your ass out here right now! I also suggest you bring an ambulance out because you will be beaten up so much, you will need to be driven right out of this arena to your local hospital where you will be out of this company for months and best of all - nobody will care that you've gone.

    *Mixed reaction from the crowd*

  3. *Rodrigo come out to a mixed reaction. He doesnt look happy at all*

    Announcer 1: He has changed theme.
    Announcer 2: It has been rumored that he will have two themes from now on.

    *Rodrigo grabs a mic*

    Lucas, good afternoon and welcome to this company. Now let me get this straight. I know you're new, and you havent been around for a long time, but here in this company, we dont like what you have just done. One does not simply come here and talk trash about another guy. Not a guy who is new. Not about the Matador, the Spaniard. One does not simply call out Roooo


    Because, when you do that, you'll probably end up hearing 1...2...3 The Spaniard has won. Or the referee asking me to stop the match. I don't really like to hurt my rivals, we are all profesionals, but there are sometimes that people cross the line. And you and your little ambulance joke have crossed it. Now, I will show you how is like to be in this company.

    Lucas, welcome to this company, I hope you can still wrestle after tonight.

    *Rodrigo smirks*
  4. I already know what its like to be in this business. You aren't a threat unlike my opponents before this company. I have been wrestling all around the world this past 10 years, putting my life on the line, breaking bones, being out of wrestling for months, sometimes even years. I have experienced pretty much every injury known to man but not once did I complain or even quit this business. With my experience, nothing is going to stop me from doing what I do best and what I do best is kick some ass. So unless you manage to break every single one of my bones, there is no doubt that I will be wrestling after tonight. There is no guarantee that I will win but there is a bloody good chance I will.

    *Mixed reactions from the crowd*
  5. You're wrong if you think this is easier or as hard as the indies. Only the best stars get a spot in this company. So I gotta tell you that you are now in a VIP group. You're in the IWT. And well, seems like I've became a teacher or something, because I only have matches against rookies. But not problem. If by beating you down I get my spot at the MITB match then, I will have to. The number of injuries doesnt make you special. We have all had injuries. We are wrestlers. We put our bodies on the line so this people are entretain. You know what? You were extremly unlucky. There are many guys at the locker room that woudnt mind having a match with you. They would take it easy. But the GM chose me. Why? Because thousands of guys like you come into this business. And thinks they have achieved all. Well, that's not true. Your objective should be to make it to the top of the company. And to make it to the top, you gotta beat people that have been at the top. I will show you how to do it buddie.
    You're the one getting your ass beat down tonight.
  6. I actually agree with you for once, I will need to beat the people who have been at the top to be in the top and that is what i'm prepared to do. There has got to be a reason why you are being put in matches against rookies. While others are out there fighting for the championships, you have been stuck in matches against rookies - that surely has got to tell you something. I may be a rookie but you have to remember that you were once a rookie. You were once at the bottom. However there is a big difference between me and you and that difference is that I am simply better then you were when you started out in this company. I may be getting ahead of myself at the moment because I believe in myself. I believe that I can make it to the top of this company. You could consider yourself at the top of the company but I wouldn't. I'm not scared of you, maybe I will get beaten up tonight... but by you? You have got to be kidding.

    Soon you will be seeing my face on every show, on every PPV and I will be the face of IWT. In order to do that though, I must knock out whatever challenge lies ahead of me. I don't care whether it is the strongest man in the world or whether it is you. I will kick their ass, regardless of what they say. You have your opinions and I have mine but what I am saying right now is not an opinion, it is a fact. I don't care whether you disagree with my factual statement or if you don't believe me because at the end of the day, you will be the one who is lying in that ring after they had their ass kicked by a rookie. Doesn't sound good does it? Prepare for hell.