Storyline Luck is a funny thing

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  1. The buzzing crowd goes silent as the lights go out.
    Suddenly a spotlight shines on the curtain.

    Supreme's music hits as Braeden Cross walks out to a chorus of boos.
    Cross stops halfway down the ramp and raises his microphone to his mouth.

    Braeden Cross: So I stand before you no longer a part of the IWT Grand Prix World Tournament.
    The crowd erupts with cheers.
    Braeden Cross: Oh, you motherfuckers like that? Really? Well let me tell you something, old Luxxy got fucking LUCKY! I took my eye off the prize for one second and I got dropped with Bad Lux...
    The crowd cheers again as Cross enters the ring.
    Braeden Cross: You know, it's funny... You people cheer for the fact that I lost ONE match against Lux, but at least I'm man enough to admit where I went wrong. I have the balls to say what went wrong, I wish I could say the same for you flogs. When you all get fired from your jobs for a big mistake that is 100% your fault, you all seem to blame someone else, whether it be your ratchet ass wife/girlfriend who's cheating on you with someone better than you, or whether it be your spiraling debt and mounting bills to the point where you've gotta be stealing supplies from your bullshit office jobs to trade for illegal substances for you to either smoke, shoot up, snort or sell to make ends meet.
    During Cross' rant the crowd is showering him in boos, throwing shit into the ring and chanting "fuck you Braeden, fuck you"
    Braeden Cross: Real nice, guys... Just because nobody in this piece of shit town can take the truth you shower me in filthy trash and plastic cups of beer that are empty by the time they get to the ring because you don't fucking know how to throw and you're showering the ring rats in the rows in front of you with your shitty beer.
    The crowd continues to boo intensely.
    Braeden Cross: Yeah keep booing me. You all wish you could be like me, but believe it or not, I didn't come out here to talk about you worthless motherfuckers. As I said earlier, I took my eye off the ball and Lux took advantage. Now Jack's still in the tournament and here I am out of the Grand Prix, and one match down in our best of three series for the #1 contendership to the Intercontinental Championship. But you know, luck is for losers. Unlike Jack Lux, I don't need it. I don't need it because I'm naturally talented, I'm skilled, I am... Supreme...
    The crowd boos as Cross raises his arms and soaks it all in.
    Braeden Cross: You know, I actually want to congratulate Jack in person, so Luxxy, get your pretentious little ass out here and face me like a man.
    Cross turns to the stage and moves back to the ropes and begins lounging on the bottom rope.
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  2. *Jack Lux comes out with a mic and with his phone out*

    Jack Lux: Really Braeden, pretentious? Do you even know what that word means? I guessing you don't so I'll tell you.

    *Lux puts his phone to his face and reads the definition of pretentious*

    Jack Lux: Making usually unjustified or excessive claims. Braeden, 95% of the time that I make a claim, I usually back it up. I can't really say the same for you. I mean just now you were saying the fan do drugs, and I find it absolutely priceless that you said that because the ticket for wrestling shows aren't exactly cheap. Then you had the gull to say that I got lucky, but then and here's where you got me real confused, you say that your man enough to admit your mistakes. What were mistakes exactly? Our match was a pretty straightforward wrestling match, just like the first one, but Braeden you want to say I got luck fine... whatever you need to sleep at night I guess.

    *Lux walks down the ramp and into the ramp*

    Jack Lux: But enough of that. I'm out here Braeden, so what are you going do. You gonna hit me. what are you...

    *Before Lux could finish what he's saying Braeden Cross cuts him off*
  3. Braeden Cross: Well what I'm going to do, Jackyboy...
    Cross leaves the ring and goes right up to where Lux is at ringside.
    Braeden Cross: What I'm going to do is... *sniff sniff* Jesus Christ man! Ever heard of a fucking breath mint?! Christ! I'm gonna need something to stop the gagging.
    Cross goes to the ring, pulls a bottle of water out from the apron and takes a swig.
    Cross then gargles the water and spits it right in Jack Lux's face.

    Braeden Cross: Oh, shit! Sorry Jackyboy! I didn't mean to do that! I meant to do this.
    Cross drops his mic and kicks Lux's knee out from under him.
    Lux is down to one knee and Cross goes right on the attack on the vulnerable Lux, repeatedly kicking the injured knee

    Braeden Cross: I'll teach you to knock me out of the fucking tournament, you ****!
    Cross ceases the attack on Lux, allowing him to get back up to one knee before drilling Lux in the head with his finisher "One in the Chamber".
    Cross picks his microphone up again

    Braeden Cross: That's what I'm going to do, Jackyboy... I'll see you at three stages of hell.
    Cross walks out of the arena with his fist and middle finger raised in the air as medical personnel attends to Jack Lux's knee.