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    Username: Ovaldinho

    Availability: It's more or less whenever atm but ask me again when my Uni restarts (Preferably not Tuesday though)

    Have you competed here before?: I'm the no.1 contender to the IWT title, so I'd hope so

    Do you agree to the rules?: Yeah sure just don't have a geeky rules for geeks

    Character Name: Luis Ovaldinho

    Height/Weight: 6ft 2inches 190lbs

    Residence: Cardiff, Wales

    Character Base/Appearance: Chad Gable

    In-Ring Attire: Chad Gable's attire, but primary colour red & secondary colour black along with a golden headband. Also, the same kind of glasses Edgar Davids wears (look him up him and his glasses aren't hard to find.)

    Entrance Attire: In-ring attire, but also sporting a red Umbro jacket.

    Entrance Music: Blur - Song 2

    Entrance Actions: Enters through the curtain and begins by applauding the fans from the ramp. He jogs to the ring with his thumb up to the fans, with the occasional jump up into the air. When Ovaldinho enters the ring, he shakes the refs hand. If his opponent is already in the ring he offers them a handshake too. [Lord Lee no longer comes to the ring with Ovaldinho, but if he does plan to I'll inform Roadster to include him in the entrance before hand]

    Wrestling Style: 75% technical 25% high-flying

    Finishing Move (Only 1): Take a bow son, Take a bow (Reverse hurricanrana into piledriver)

    Signature Move(s) (3 Max.):
    Triple German Suplex
    Athlete's foot (Daniel Bryan esque repeated kicks to an opponent on their knees, with the final kick being a superkick)

    Holds: Ankle lock
    Gullotine choke
    Surfboard stretch

    Strikes: Discuss clothesline
    Kick to gut
    Roundhouse kick

    Aerial: Standard Splash
    Missile Dropkick
    Moonsault onto standing opponent
    Jump over opponent, flying karate kick to the back of the opponent's head as Ovaldinho flies over them

    Throws: German Suplex
    Tiger Suplex
    Vertical suplex
    Hip toss
    Belly to belly suplex

    Ring Psych (Strategies/Mannerisms in ring): Attempts to out-perform and out-wrestle his opponents
  2. Ring psych is basically how you act inside the ring. For example, Brock Lesnar goes straight at his opponents and beats them down. It's virtually your mannerisms and strategy, in most matches.