Madden 25: The Madden we deserve and need

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 21, 2013.

  1. I haven't really seen anything incredible from gameplay so Owners mode is gonna make me buy this game. It's about time they put it back in.
  2. They seem to be going all out this year for once... I expect gameplay will be improved over recent years
  3. Holy shit. This really does look like it'll be great. Nice!
  4. Seems like last years game but with added features for offline play. Thank god because there is nothing better than dat offline franchise.
  5. connected franchise is online franchise I thought?
  6. Who knows, but that's what i'm talking about. That connected career stuff was whack as fuck offline last year. This owner mode seems like everything I wanted to do in a madden game. You remember the madden when ray ray was on the cover and they had the talk show while surfing the menus in franchise? You could do all of the stuff explained in this, but it seems way more detailed. Glad they are listening to their fans for a change.
  7. Yea Madden 05 was great (PS2) and the next year's game (w/ McNabb on the cover) was even better. This is exactly what it reminds me of as well, Madden 05/06 on PS2.

    We definitely will need to have a WWEF Connected Franchise going w/ me, you, deth, AIDs and anyone else getting the game.
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  8. That owners mode looks fantastic, looking forward to it! Could try to take some down on their luck team and build it from the ground up.
    See, I was going to make the obvious Raiders joke here, but decided to spare you this time.

    As long as they messed with Franchise mode and made Superstar mode playable (if that's even there, been playing '11 for many years now) I'll be happy.
  9. If they don't put co-op back in franchise I am going to have a shit fit! :angry:
  10. Do you have a 360? We could maybe get 5 or 6 of us from this site into a connected franchise
  11. Nah man. Did have a PS3 but the hard drive failed :cry:

    Unrelated note, looking forward to jobbing to you in fantasy again this year
  12. Yea hopefully we won't be the only two dudes who set our lineups next year lol.

    Sounds like you are going to have to buy a 360 sometime before August. They are cheap as fuck these days, especially used you can probably pick one up for 150 or less.
  13. That's a great fucking idea. Hopefully we can restructure divions so we can all be in the same. I'm fucking pumped. When in NCAA out? I'm ready for a dynasty.
  14. I know TheInevitable24 will be down but i work him by 30 on the reg. No lie.
  15. Why buy a 360 when the Xbox One comes out this year?
  16. Who buys new consoles the year they come out lmao.
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  17. You're right, only tens of millions of people are stupid enough to do that.

  18. Now is when you start defending the ignorant masses? lol OK. Yes, tens of millions of people are stupid. I thought you were smart enough to know most people are retarded by now. Yea, let me pay for a new item at it's height of expense and glitchiness instead of waiting for them to work out the bugs and the price to drop.
  19. I bought the 360 a day after release, and no such bugs existed. You think it's retarded to buy something full price when it is brand new? That is terrible logic dude, terrible. There are many advantages of purchasing it early, let alone the sheer enjoyment of playing something revolutionary as soon as possible. Who wants to sit around and listen to their friends playing the best console out right now instead of playing it yourself?

    Your logic is flawed, as it would apply to every single new product on any market.