Storyline Magnum Opus

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  1. Arno Frye comes out to fur elise as it floods the arena. This time not walking to the rhythm, but walking with a slight but noticible limp. An unpleasant expression on his face. He is still selling his match with Evander Amos. Before entering the ring he grabs a steel chair from underneath the apron and throws it in the ring and proceeds up the steps and between the ropes. He sets the chair and grabs for a mic. Lastly he sits down on the chair and motions for the music to stop. He leans back in the chair slowly, still selling his injuries and takes a look at the crowd who are giving him no reaction. He then raises the mic to his mouth.

    17...17 years I've fancied myself some artist. I've created wonderful works of art to no avail, not a single word of praise. That's the thing about art...appreciating your own work is paramount. You see there have always been...flaws in my artwork that just bug me! Whether it be too much blood, not enough pain, or...odd propotions, I just can't seem to get it right. Sometimes I just have to discard the project entirely. But the sign of a true improvisation, being able to work with mistakes. Something I tried with Evander Amos...clearly not effective, but that's another thing about being an make a lot of mistakes that, sometimes, make the piece unsalvagable. Good thing is you always learn from mistakes and you adapt. Every loss can only make me a better artist.

    Using the chair to lean on, Arno slowly stands to his feet. He looks down and begins to twitch. He snaps his head up and reveals him laughter. Now no selling his match, Frye throws the chair out the ring and laughs hysterically. He falls to his knees and opens his arms and looks toward the sky for a few seconds. Frye stops laughing and lowers his arms and adverts his eyes to the enterance ramp.

    As I've said before I'm not here to win championships or make friends, I'm here to make art. But after my match I realized my true calling here in IWT. Something I've been searching for all of over the world and here I find it in I-W-T *laughs*. This roster has what it takes for me to reach my full creative potential! And no matter how many projects I have to go through, no matter how many of those projects I fail, I will

    He stands to his feet and runs his left hand through his hair, wide smile on his face. He begins to pace around the ring.

    I'll do what every artist dreams of. What every retired artist wish they could've done. What every art student can't even pathom. I will create my Magnum Opus...

    He stops pacing and stands in the middle of the ring. greatest creation!
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