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  1. Multiple platforms have reported and it has now been confirmed that this year's Survivor Series will be taking place at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. What this means is that this will be the first pay per view to take place in Toronto since Unforgiven 2006 and the first major pay per view to take place in Toronto since SummerSlam 2004. At this time, it is unknown when tickets will be going on sale and what WWE will look like at that point in time, but all I know is that I'm happy for them and it's nice to see someone finally get a pay per view after that long period of time.
  2. Not really major, but cool to know.
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  3. Oh fuck yeah baby.
  4. Aren't you from Toronto, @Gman003 ? If so, then you will be happy about this, I imagine.
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    Oh my fucking god are you serious??? Thanks for the tag. God damn! But assuming it's in November I'll have a 2-3 month old. Idk if I can go. I'll try my hardest to convince the wifey lol.

    And not quite from Toronto, but 2 hours away.

    Lol they pretty much took as long of a break as I did from watching. It must be fate haha
  6. A Survivor Series in Canada? This should be fun :4/10:
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  7. Canada is a hell of a crowd sometimes, lets hope survivor series isn't a whole fuck up this year
  8. Especially if they revisit the Montreal Screwjob finish in some match.
  9. It's a shame they did that whole angle with Charlotte and Natalya already, it would have gotten monster heat with Bret ringside at this event.
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  10. I'll be keeping an eye out for tickets. Definitely worth looking into atleast.
    Just thought, I had read an article the other day talking about trish stratus would be interested in coming back for the right storyline. Could they possibly work something in the next 6 months that would make sense for her to return here? She is from toronto and all. I'm sure she'd be welcomed back with open arms. I'd like to see that.
    And owens/zayn could have an epic match there aswell.
    Team HHH vs team Shane?
    Or team reigns vs team rollins?

    God so many possibilities at this poin. The more I think about it, the more I want to get tickets haha.

    Shouldn't be too long from now atleast. I see the ACC has tickets for something on Nov 7th already. 2 weeks before SS.

    loses it on RAW back to Charlotte/Becky.
  12. Bought my tickets on lunch at work today!!! My brother, buddy, and myself are attending the event! Sold out on ticketmaster less than half an hour later (it wasn't giving me anything for 3 tickets...or 2 I even tried that lol) but found them on a re sale site.... online scalping basically lol. But regardless, I'm fucking pumped!!! Still 4 months to go lol.
  13. People saying that it isn't a big deal? Of course it is a big deal. It is technically the first pay per view outside of the United States in almost a decade. That's huge and it shows WWE is willing to look outside it's comfort zone. It is called WORLD wrestling entertainment, after all.

    I guess this shows that the Network specials have been a success, although with this brand split, Roadblock was likely the last of the Network specials. Both Roadblock and Brock Lesnar Live in Tokyo were highly praised. If that has helped WWE get themselves to do a pay per view outside of the U.S. again, that is brilliant news.
  14. It's a massive deal! I had just said late last year how wwe never has anything meaningful in canada, usually only house shows, and then one of the big 4 gets booked. I figured road block was just to test the waters again in Toronto, and I'll tell you from being there, the place was lit most of the time!

    We're in section 305 (top section in the corner kinda, but at least this time well get to see the screen and stage so nicely. Last time we were in the 2nd last section on the side, high up beside the stage so this is so cool! I can hardly wait!
  15. Get ready for Team Canada Vs. Team America...

  16. Eh I wouldn't mind that. I just really hope they don't try to do yet another screw job... since the last canadian survivor series had one lol. But I'm sure they'll be corny and do it again just because.

    Frig in 4 months who knows where everyone will be.... maybe they'll have a team raw vs team smackdown since the brand split next week. Who knows. I just hope it's good and worth my money (which I'm sure it will be)