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  1. During tonight's episode, Lashley will defeat Eric Young to become TNA Heavyweight Champion, it's already been taped. What are your thoughts on this decision? I don't see the point in Lashley becoming champion imo, but oh well, I imagine it will lead to a consistent feud between the two.
  2. Lashley vs KK ftw. King gonna be the champ to end all champs. Move over Bobby Roode.
  3. Oh, wow. I enjoyed EY's title run. Came at the worst possible time (Bryan's own WM30 win, EY had minimal build up and of course TNA's struggled all through out the year) but we got some great wrestling and as a TNA fan for 2 years now, I actually felt as if it was a great feel-good moment and had TNA retained momentum going into 2014 and made better decisions, EY's reign could have been remembered for all of the right reasons.

    Now, with Lashley, I expect for Roode to go through his own face run as he goes for the champ in the BFG series (or whatever happens) while MVP tries to get the title but is unable to, as he is stripped of his power as TNA get a new authority figure in (this time, make it a well-known face so we don't have another power struggle that will kill TNA). I'd say EY gets his rematch, fails, and goes off on his own storyline for revenge in BFG. Sanada cashes in the X-Division title and comes close... but ultimately fails, and leaves as Roode continues his mega push for the title.
  4. Lashley is a horrible choice, he has the charisma of a drowned rat. As a bodyguard yep go for it as a world champion? How about no.
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  5. Everyone gets to be Champ in TNA
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  6. Not DJ Ion.
  7. I've always been ok with Bobby Lashley and his work, not some big fan of him, but still I think he's a good talented wrestler, who's still in tremendous shape btw.

    Why TNA did this? Simply, EY's time as champ has passed. The ratings for his segments and matches in past two months since he's the champion have been abysmal, often lowest watched segments of Impact. EY had a decent run as the champ, but it was time to move on from him. Now who to put the title on? Heels: MVP hurt, it's too early for EC3, Magnus held it b4 EY, Bram just arrived, James Storm is still lost in the shuffle unfortunately, and Kenny King is not a championship material yet. That leaves only Lashley as the option. He's big, fit, true heavyweight, has a pretty decent and recognizable name value, MMA world knows him and so on. So all things considered, TNA did the right thing here. Heel should be holding the title through summer, so it fits in that category too.

    Plenty of babyfaces to after him now: Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, Gunner, Ken Anderson, hell even Bully Ray.

    Plus I've been digging Lashley's work since he came back, he's been having some good stuff ever since. Yeah he might be lacking charisma and mic skills, but there's his pals MVP and King to fix that for him. Lashley should be nothing but a fine champ (at worst) if booked properly (and if survives Destination X).
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  8. I'm feeling MVP may have been supposed to win the belt at Slammi but when he got hurt they changed it. I'm actually alright with this to an extent, I mean, Lashley has been built as a destroyer and had pinned EY twice (including a completely clean victory last week lol) and I was figuring they'd do this sooner or later. I'm not sure I would've put the belt on him already (since I haven't been seeing ratings for IW or anything) but yeah, it was going to happen.
  9. What they need to do is refer to him as Bobby Lashley and cut the dipshit WWE one name dogshit.
  10. Agreed. It's just plain stupid. Pretty much everyone on the roster is calling him with name too, but you can see announcers and MVP are selling him as Lashley only, lmao. Is there something wrong with the name Bobby or what? Jesus.
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  11. Bobby could be a rude word in impact wrestling.
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  12. Roode returned last Thursday, you know I marked my little tits off.
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    I mean I was pretty fucked off with OP for posting this BEFORE the end of the initial Impact broadcast that I was watching live. I'm a sucker for a spoiler and during breaks I like to browse the forum and stumbled upon this bastard of a spoiler 10-15 minutes before it broadcast which ruined the title change monumentally for me. No offence intended as I walked in to the thread by my own accord but I was just expecting maybe a different spoiler based on the title of the thread.

    Regardless, I feel indifferent about Lashley as champion. When I watched the episode I was strangely happy to see a title change as I was never a massive fan of EY's title reign to be perfectly honest, he certainly deserved it but I didn't enjoy the product while he was champ. However I would have preferred a slower build to the title for Lashley who has only been back on the roster a few months. I'm certainly excited to see how this one develops.

    PS: Does anybody think MVP would have won the title at Slammiversary or on Impact had he not been injured?
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  14. I think MVP was supposed to win the belt, yeah.
  15. I was getting that vibe too. I would much rather have Lashley as champion over MVP based on the matches that they both put on, I do find Lashley more entertaining in the ring than MVP.
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  16. EY absolutely needed to lose the title, he wasn't gonna shake the stigma of "the dude who just won the belt because Dixie watched Wrestlemania 30" with the way he randomly won the title after years of being a horrible comedy character...... but there were merits to EY winning the title. Even though he was dealt a bad hand the dude did make the most of it, his charisma SEEMED lacking but it still really easy to get behind the guy in both promos and matches in a way that's rarely seen in wrestling. He just had that ability to draw me in, and it just doesn't make much sense to me. Hope he gets the belt again in the future in a way that isn't a complete farce.

    So we have a good talent dealt an unplayable hand losing the belt to... Lashley, who has neither the upside or the downside of the EY reign. But this title reign won't be about him at all, it's all gonna be about MVP with Lashley standing to the side, just as it always was, and now he has a big shiny belt and that means that MVP has the "power that comes with it" or some other garbage that nobody cares about. I suppose his reign will be just like MVP's was planned to be, except we get Bobby Lashley matches instead of MVP matches which is a HUGE upgrade. Sounds good to me.

    But all I can imagine is that this is gonna be a transitional reign onto Bobby Roode. :yes:
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  17. Yeah, I can't understand the chumps who post spoilers and threads about something big that will air in an hour or two. I mean, it's just retarded. Can't you just wait 60 or 120 mins?

    It's usually people like that who are anti-TNA. They read something someone wrote somewhere, and judge TNA according to it. I'm not bashing the dude who opened the thread here, I don't care about it, I just think that is just a moronic thing to do. SPOIL yourself (and possibly ruin it to others) something that will air in 60 mins. Not day or a week, but 60 mins. Unreal.
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  18. I know I've only been back for the last couple weeks, but an EY loss to MVP would have been a show-stopper. Who in god's name would care enough to cheer OR boo?

    Lashley at least is in-ring capable and we know MVP is going to do all of his talking. I just wonder what babyface they throw at him first, there are some good options.
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  19. TNA puts the belt on anyone... it's a disaster, Lashley idk... that a good choice?