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  1. I was just watching 'The Rock - A special documentary' basically his 1 hour documentary from his DVD, and they had a promo for night of champions, hyping Layla (c) vs Kaitlyn for the divas title... the last time I checked, AJ Lee was the divas champion?

    Also, after the divas promo there's a bit about the WWE title. It doesn't really mention much but it's all Cena talking, he seems "depressed" possibly hinting that he loses the belt at SummerSlam?
  2. Isn't AJ Lee champion?
  3. Shit yes, fixed :lol1:
  4. They might have just messed it up. because those two faced off relatively recent and it had the "Layla going against her close friend" build. I remember that build from when Layla was champion. Kaitlyn won it off her and began to feud with AJ. I doubt Layla is getting it back.

  5. You didn't watch SmackDown did you?

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    Not sure if it's the one from friday just gone or the friday coming but Layla turns heel on Kaitlyn
  6. That sucks. :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. Lol, me watching SmackDown. It's probably this week though as I briefly watched last weeks and don't remember that.

    Even if that does happen, how is she going to get the title off of heel AJ?
  8. Yeah dude this is definitely a mistake. I remember this build completely. It even says "just like Kaitlyn is hoping to leave her mark on the divas division" - her match against Layla was her first title match iirc. Then it goes on to say "and goes up against her CLOSE FRIEND and ALLY Layla" - they were friends when they went against each other for the first time, that was the build.

  9. No idea.
  10. (facepalm)

    WWE are retarded.
  11. FFS I googled NOC 2012 and they said it was Eve Torres vs someone and I was like, "hmm, couldn't have been this PPV then". But yeah, I knew I'd seen it before.
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  12. Eve botched and was eliminated at a battle royal to determine the number first contender. Then Eve "attacked" Kaitlyn at backstage and won the title
  13. I read this thread like ten times and WTF
  14. This was from last year.
  15. 16th od September is a monday
  16. This. Kaitlyn was supposed to face Layla, Eve attacked Kaitlyn backstage (Or had Aksana attack her or something) and took her spot in the match, winning the belt off of Layla. Kaitlyn then won the belt off of Eve.
  17. This is a year old. The scheduled divas title match at NoC was Layla vs. Kaitlyn, Eve attacked Kaitlyn and won the title. Also, that was last year's NoC promo.