Storyline Make A Wish foundation with Robert Hirax

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  1. A sickly kid makes his way to the back of IWT, meeting all the wrestlers and shaking hands with everybody. The kid makes his way to Robert, the kid being 8 years old.

    Kid: *opens the door*

    RH: *is seen sitting on a chair and drinking a apple martini*

    Kid: He-hello sir.

    RH: What do you want? Who let Caillou in here!

    Kid: S-sir I'm from the make a wish foundation....

    RH: What do I look like? A genie? This ain't Dragon Ball Z and I'm not Shenron.

    Kid: Pl-please you're being mean.

    RH: You're an annoying little shit *calls for security*

    Kid: *starts crying*

    RH: WAIT!! *runs up to the kid*

    Kid: *sniffles and reaches his hand out*

    RH: *takes his backstage pass* Okay, now I know he won't be back. Toodles~

    Kid: *gets thrown out of the IWT arena*
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  2. Caillou reference made me lol
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