Make it double.

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  1. -A new face to IWT makes his way down to the ring with a microphone in his head, he is dressed up for competition with trunks and boots on. He smiles at the kids in the front rows and high fives them on his way to the ring, looking pumped to be there. he grabs a sign from the crowd that says "I <3 IWT" on it and steps into the ring with it and raises it high in the air, the crowd begins to give a bit of a pop to the young man. He lifts the microphone up to his mouth and begins to speak.-

    Man: There is one rule in life that my parents always gave me as a kid, and I still follow to this day. That rule being.

    -he rips the "I <3 IWT" sign up in half and then tears it more into shreds and smirks as the crowd begins to give a boo.-

    Man: That looks can be deceiving, and that you must pay close attention to what's being held in front of you. You idiots thought I was another prancy, happy fairy-boy coming out here to wrestle "with honor" and "with respect" for this business and the people that are in it and represent it. You thought wrong, you were ALL 100% WRONG!!

    Now, you must be thinking to yourselves "This guy is just some other arrogant son of a bitch looking to make a name for himself and a quick buck."

    Once again, that's where you're wrong. I was destined for greatness, because you see, my big sis is here in IWT. I was destined to follow the path she did. That's right, I'm talking about IWT's own Champion, Victoria Parker.

    -The crowd boos at the thought of Victoria.-

    Remington: I am the little brother of Victoria Parker, and newest member of the IWT roster.. REMINGTON .. PARKER!! I am here to trace in my sister's foots steps, and then possibly some more than hers. I've been training for this moment my entire life, and now it's finally here. Ever since my sister and I were kids, we knew we'd grow up and be wrestlers, the most respectable ones at that. But then, we realized, if you want to make it somewhere in life, you have to fight for yourself and the ones you care about truly and passionately, and in this case, it would be my sister and I. You can all call me whatever you well please for wanting to "pussy-foot" or whatever you morons call it, into this company under my sister's wing just because she's champion, but that's where you'd be more dumber than you already are. Because I'm here for my sister's guidance to get used to this place until I feel I'm ready to fend off on my own, and then, as my sister knows.. I will also be a threat for her title.

    If anyone, and I mean anyone dare so has a questioning to this, speak now.. or forever hold your peace.

  2. Mr Sackfist steps out of the curtain and walks down to the ring, steps up the steps, shoots Remington a cheeky smile and steps in the ring

    "Well, it looks like IWT world just got bigger, or would it be smaller since this guy is a relative, you know as the saying goes (Scratches head), Well if your gonna follow your sisters footsteps, I would suggest you begin by flirting your way with multiple male tag team partners, get a reputation and then go on to win the title, me no thinky Gohan will likey that sorta behavior mister remington.

    My question to you Remington is what makes you that different to the guys that have come here, said they are going to be the next big thing and end up grouping together to be a bunch of paramedics on crack, that is right Cure I mean you. You may have a new recruit for your organization. So Remington joins us before the MITB PPV and what is that I am hearing. No!? No more matches available, well hard cheese, that sure is a pickle for you. Little Remington has nobody to compete against at MITB, he will make no impact and will end up being Victoria's handbag carrier? What an honour chico, you may even get to touch the title.

    Well since you have no chance at MITB, I say we have ourselves a little MITB preview, I get to initiate a new member into IWT and send a little message to the cure about what I will do with Rodrigo at MITB in our handicap match. So Chico, you want to take on Mr Mid-Card? Or does Victoria need your assistance for a foot rub?
  3. -Remington turns his head and smiles evilly.-

    Remington: You're just like the rest, not yet adjusted to my sister's tactics of being the best and getting what she wants. Sure, she flirted with a bunch of men, sure, she whored her way around to get to the top. But that's her way of proving she's smarter than the others. Make no mistake about it, Sackfist, I am the NEXT big thing here in IWT. I may not have a match at Money in the Bank, but I'd LOVE to have a match with you "holmes." Anywhere, anytime, because I back down from NO challenge.

    Once I'm done with you, you'll be nothing more than Mr Job-Squad, the name Mid-Card would be a compliment to filth like yourself.
  4. Woah Chico, that is Mr Sackfist to you. You want a match name the place and I will do what I do best, show up, kick ass and leave victorious. I can't wait to put you in your place
  5. *Victoria makes her way down to the ring with a mic in her hand

    Before I begin, let me make something abundantly clear to the both of you. No amount of ass-kissing, questionable behavior ever occurred between me and any authority figure in the wrestling industry. I fully admit that I'm manipulative and will do whatever it takes to win, but I would never degrade myself sexually to get somewhere. I'm far too intelligent for that and I can come up with something much more ruthless and original. I've gotten to the top of this company, like every imbecile in this company wishes they could, through hard work and dedication to being the very best and having the very best. Just like the rest of the company, it's time to take off your misogynistic goggles and recognize that a female wrestler is the face of this company and is naturally so much better than you.

    *Victoria smirks and looks at her brother

    Well little brother, it's certainly a pleasure to see that you've made your debut. We've come a long way and from a rough past to get to where we are. Although I will be here to support you, I must give you some heartbreaking news that I'm sure you're aware of. You have the pleasure and luxury of being related to me but it won't give you any handouts. Just like the rest of the "talent" in this company, you need to work your way up to title shots and make a name for yourself. While you're trying to make your way up to my success, make sure you don't tarnish the family name. I've made something of this family and I want you to continue demonstrating what facing a Parker really means.