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  1. *The scene opens up in the IWT arena, Joey Bryant appears on the titantron with a black background and the IWT Title slung around his shoulder. The crowd boos in the background and he chuckles.*

    "My reign as champion has been everything I've wanted it to be so far. I proved to everyone what the second generation of champions brings to the table, Antonio proved it as well. And we're not the only ones backing the second generation, even the legend Aids Johnson gave us a shout out. We're unstoppable, but I've been thinking. Does this title on my shoulder really represent the second generation? No. This title has been around forever it seems like, but it doesn't belong to this generation..."

    *Joey smirks and throws the IWT Title onto the ground.*

    "I don't need that piece of garbage. I need something that officially makes this company dawn a new age of dominance. Something that looks extravagant, something that I can wear out in public and be idolized."


    *The crowd gasps as they see the new, shiny gold Joey picks up off the floor. He smirks and puts it over his shoulder and rubs it.*

    "Nice, ain't it? The letters "TNA" on this belt is not for Total Nonstop Action, instead, it stands for The New Age. The age we're living in, the age we're going to be in for a long time. So ladies and gentlemen, your new IWT Championship."

    *The give off a small pop.*

    "Day after day I await Dat Kid's return, and I know once he does return, the whole company is going to be paying attention. Everyone is going to listen, just like you all listen to me. I'm the most influential world champion of all time, look what I've already created! The Artist is a joke, I'll take him down any time he wants. Anyone else, well, you're going to have to re-calculate your plans for taking me out, because no one is taking my new gold off my shoulder. Thank you."

    *He nods as the camera fades.*
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  2. Artist walks out to the stage

    Artist: I called you out a week ago...

    Artist leaves.
  3. Wow, I wonder why he didn't respond.

    Answer (open)
    Cause you fuck suck
  4. Nah, he said he was going to respond later this week or sumthin.
  5. OOC: Oh the GM will have to address this at some point....:hmm:
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