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  1. The arena lights dim as Artemis' voice (a recording) plays out through the sound system.


    The arena lights begin to flash alongside the drums, as Artemis walks onto the stage, to audible boos from the crowd. He raises one fist into the air, guitar playing behind him, seemingly ignorant to the torrent of abuse raining in from the crowd.

    *Barely audible* I told you I'd bring this place down! I told you!

    Artemis paces down the ramp, mounting a turnbuckle as the chorus kicks in. Raising his arms in the air, the crowd noticeably react, becoming loader again in a show of displeasure. Artemis dismounts into the ring and tests the ropes, before grabbing a microphone to address the crowd.

    *Addressing the crowd* You can shut up now, they've given me a microphone, you've paid your money, and if you don't like it you can find the doors. I've got something to get off my chest, and those assholes in the back had better shape up and listen!

    I know there's been a lot of speculation in the locker room, especially after I went through Kid, about my purpose here in the ITW. Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough before, or maybe you were all just too pig-headed and ignorant to pay attention to what I had to say.

    But you're all looking at me now!

    You. are. liars.

    Every single one of you. You spend your days living in a lie - a belief that any of you have the chance of being IWT champion now that I've arrived being a prime example. But I really don't want to focus on that as a problem; I'll be allowing you to maintain your illusions. However, those other secrets and lies, you know, the ones holding a tag team together, the ones keeping the fans on your sides, or the ones making you all seem like an actual threat...

    *Artemis laughs to himself, hard*

    I mean really! Some of you can barely string a run of wins together! We have a GM that doesn't know his arse from his elbow and... *Addressing the crowd again* You know it's true! And then there's IW3 *Artemis soaks in the crowd reaction at this point* who have already had one third of their little group staring up at the arena ceiling.

    I made a promise to this entire company which I intend to keep: I will take it all away. Leave you powerless. Alone in the darkness... So I ask again, and I'd ask Kid if you should take me a little more seriously now:

    Who's man enough to stop me?

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  2. A golden limo rolls into the arena and stops on the side stage. The sunroof pops open and Dat Kid slowly rises out from the limo with disdain on his face.

    I thought this was limo was going to my cruise ship, which by the way is a lot larger, fully staffed, and way more expensive than Lord Lee's yacht. It seems however i've taken a detour on the bullshit express.

    Kid sits on the roof of the limo.

    Artemis, im not going to call your win over me dumb luck. You did your homework on me and you had me beat, congratulations. However lets not act like this is the 1st time i've lost. I like whenever i lose it's such a big deal, social media implodes on itself, and people rush to supermarkets in preparation for the apocalypse.

    When i beat you- no, when i murder you next week no ones going to care. No ones going to be shocked, people are going to shrug and say "welp". People don't see what a natural talent you are and they don't get what a detrimental blow this will be to your career.

    See because when i beat you im going to make it look easy and the only thing that's going to change from the dark match we had in a barnyard (due to Micheal's inability to run this company) and when the millions of people are watching Vice is that you will now have my attention.

    I took pity on you because no on wanted to fight you and you have the audacity to have me crossed out on your titantron?! Why dont you pull your head out of your ass Artemis. Im not going to a library to beat you like you had to do for me. When you get in that ring with me again, im going to try to kill you, and just before the ref gets the order to stop the match because of excessive blood loss, THATS when im going to pin you and leave you body hanging on the ring ropes.

    Next week you fight me in a match i've only lost extreme rules match!

    The crowd pops.

    You know how generic wrestlers in this company make references to Icarus and the sun? Well the sun doesn't have shit on me!

    Jesus wept.

    Cut his mic so i look cool while i drive away.

    Dat Kid raises his arms in the air with his eyes closed as the limo drives out of the arena.