Storyline Making it to Elimination Chamber

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  1. Farooq leaves his apartment as he smokes a cigar. He heads towards his BMW on the side of the street as suddenly a car stops in front of him. "Hello mister eh, Farooq. Step inside, I want to have a word with you." A man with a Russian voice said as Farooq shook his head. "I don't have time for you." He said as suddenly two Russians step out of the car with guns. "No please....we...insist." He says as Farooq puts out the cigar by rubbing it against the Russian's car. "How" He says as he then grabs one of the men's guns and takes the gun off and shoves the man on the ground. He takes the AK-47 and aims it at the other man's head. "Drop it." Farooq says as the Russian man drops the gun.

    Farooq takes the other AK-47 and shoots all the tires to the Russian car and takes his cigar. "Don't fuck with me." He says as he heads towards his car. The main Russian man takes a pistol out and fires it at Farooq. Farooq quickly turns around and fires the gun at the guy's arm, causing his arm to be useless as Farooq gets into his car and drives off. Farooq drives fast, with two sudden cars catching up to him, Nissan 350-Zs it looks like. He takes one of the AK-47s out and aims at the tires. He fires at one of the cars, causing the car to hit a store and knock out all of the Russian members in the cars. Farooq looks off onto the crashed car, then ahead. A firetruck with Russian members is in front of him. "Oh shit!" He yells as he hits the brakes, but then hits the firetruck. He steps out of the car, blood pouring down his arms and stomach as he runs off into a Starbucks.

    He drinks some coffee, and suddenly his health is back to normal, but he needs to heal himself. He presses start, then goes to the CURE option. He applies disinfect and bandages to his hurt area. He takes a deep breath then heads back out, and takes out all of the Russian members by knocking them out. He then takes another car, and drives off towards the IWT. He makes it to the arena, but there the person who trained and took care of him is standing guarding the door. "Farooq....I've been waiting for you." The woman said as she approached him. "Boss!" Farooq said as he got into a fighting position.

    "You have come a far way if you want to become IWT must kill me." She says. "What?!?" Farooq says as he shakes his head, "I cant do that!" "Yes you must Farooq! You choose to be loyal to the mission, or to me! To your country or your mentor! To your mission or your personal feelings! If you can't kill me, you'll never become IWT Champion!" She says, "Today's enemies will become tomorrow's friends and today's friends will be tomorrow's enemies. You...will not understand, but only one of us will walk out. And whoever walks out will inherit the title of Boss. Now, fight me Farooq." She says as she takes out her guns and points it at Farooq. "Now, let us enjoy these final moments together." She says as she begins to fire.

    Farooq dodges the bullets and grabs her arm and throws her down. She jumps back up and and twists his arm behind him, but Farooq rolls and throws her back on the ground. She gets back up and kicks Farooq in the face. Farooq presses start and goes to the FOOD option. He eats a snake and you can suddenly hear a female voice sing, "SSNNAAAKKKEEEE EAAATTTTEEEERRRR". He then resumes and throws Boss down a few more time, until finally she gets back up one last time. He spears Boss, and as she goes to the ground, she lays there while Farooq has the gun pointed to her head.

    She smiled up at him, her suit open so he could see her scar. "Do it.....kill me now.... my son." She says as she smiles up at him. "I don't want to..." He says. "I am framed for a nuke in the US I'm a traitor, in the rest of the world I'm a order to keep the US innocent you must kill it!" She says, "Kill me now Farooq, kill me..." Farooq pulls the trigger, killing her in one shot. He closes his eyes, and walks into the arena. " you...." He says as he enters the building. Inside the US President shakes Farooq's hand saying he saw it all. "I now pronounce you....bigger than the Boss, you are now, Big Boss!" The President says as other people try to shake Farooq's hand. Farooq walks away, heading towards his locker room. Farooq opens up his locker with his wrestling gear in it, on the door is a picture of him and his mentor, her holding him as a child. He closes the door, and falls to his knees crying as the screen goes black.
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  3. *pulls out Patriot and shoots the gun. The bullets bounce all around the room then leave the building. It flys all the way to Cornwall and shoots @Tyrion in the ass. It doesn't kill him, but no more chocolate sundae night with Xanth* Son of a bitch!
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  4. OH HELL NO!
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  5. FTJ COME OUT AND SUMMER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. did someone say CORNWALL!? :happy: