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  1. RVP - 15 million. If they were to sign him they would win the EPL next year mee finks.

    Edit - Ignore the random loveheart, arsed changing it.
  2. I don't think they'll get him.
  3. We're now the hot favourites. Rooney, Van Persie, Nani, Valencia, Kagawa, Welback, Hernandez = :fap:
  4. All that's missing is mah boii Lewandowski :boss:

    Is Kagawa a midfielder? Now that Fletch has sadly been taken away from the game early it looks like you could do with another midfielder.
  5. Fletch hasn't completely gone but it's likely.

    Yeah he is, an attacking midfielder but box-to-box like a typical asian player. I'm guessing we'll play the same formation as normal but with Kagawa + Scholes/Carrick in the center, but I seriously wish SAF would shit on this fucking 4-4-2 formation already. 4-2-3-1 is the way forward.
  6. He sounds like someone who would work really well with Scholes (who incidentally I still think is one of the best CMs in the world).

    From someone who doesn't have a massive amount of knowledge in Man Utd's current squad I would've thought a 4-3-3 would work well. Having Scholes and Carrick play the defensive central role with Kagawa slightly forward, then have Nani and Valencia wide up front with of course Rooney in the centre.

    Unless that's what you meant by the 4-2-3-1 anyway!
  7. That eliminates Van Persie though. I agree with a 4-3-3 formation with RVP, I was just hypothetically speaking as if we had him lmao. And yeah I completely agree on Scholes, he's a class act. Even in pre-season filled with youths trying to impress he was still the best on the pitch by a mile.

    4-2-3-1 would be like (with RVP):

    Da Gea
    Rafael - Ferdinand - Vidic - Evra
    Carrick - Scholes
    Valencia- Rooney - Kagawa
    RVP (without him you have Welback/Hernandez)

    Kagawa can play wide, but in this role he'd play the Silva type role. Wide but comes inside to the center all the time and lets the fullback (Evra) boom forward.
  8. Christ totally forgot about Van Persie!

    Would Rooney really prosper in attacking mid? I would've thought that you'd like to have him upfront with Van Persie with the two wingers playing further upfield and the two defensive guys hanging back making it a sort of 4-2-2-2 formation instead of a flat 4 in the centre.

    I'm interested to see Kagawa now, but since you described him as a typical Asian footballer then it doesn't surprise me that he is versatile.

    Either way, if Van Persie signs and stays fit, Fergie could adopt Levein's 4-6-0 formation and still win the league tbh :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. It's CF, not CAM. It's like Messi's role. Rooney even as a ST comes back, links play, bombs forward and gets the goal. That is unfortunately the CF role, he'll never just be a poacher. RVP is the ultimate poacher. Last year Rooney was behind Welback and Hernandez and got more goals than both of them combined.

    And yeah if RVP does move to us then that's a massive boost to our title challenge to get it off City. Kagawa is immense, many United fans are incredibly happy but there's quite a few who don't know him and are just calling him a new Ji Sung Park lmao. I hate some of our fans.

    4-2-2-2 is basically 4-4-2 with no wingers. With wingers it just moves to 4-4-2 lol. I wouldn't mind 4-1-2-1-2 but Scholes imo can't be a CDM on his own now and he's too good to leave out. 4-2-3-1 imo seems the perfect formation.
  10. Yeah but it would be 2 winger played far enough forward that they aren't a flat midfield like you don't seem to want.

    A CF role would probably suit Rooney quite well, as long as he is playing as a forward and not an advanced midfielder then it could work.

    I agree that Scholes can't play on his own at CDM for an entire 90minutes. He definitely needs someone that can do the legwork for him beside him.

    I personally don't see what's wrong with the conventional 4-4-2 though, I do think it's getting slightly outdated but at the moment it suits Man Utd really well IMO. Although Rooney could play just behind RVP he'd do better upfront with him I think.
  11. 4-4-2 is so outdated. We don't have a flat midfield, our 4-4-2 is this:

    Da Gea
    Rafael Vidic Ferdinand Evra


    Valencia Nani
    Rooney Hernandez

    Massive gap. We have so much forward power that we leave Scholes (37) and Carrick (30 something, and slow) to hold up a whole pitch and try stop counters? It just can't happen. Nearly all formations used by top teams include 3 of their players in the middle. City have Yaya, Barry and Silva or Nasri in the middle. Chelsea had Meireles, Mikel and Lampard. Tottenham played 4-4-2 and they also got tore apart on counters. Arsenal had Arteta, Ramsey and Song. We need to join them.
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  12. That's a very good retort to be fair.

    However surely they could play Kagawa just ahead of Scholes in the midfield? That would have Scholes being able to sit back and do the passing and the tackling while Kagawa makes forward runs and supports the strikers.

    Man Utd probably need to replace Carrick anyway, he's getting on a bit and is a pretty average player by Man Utd's standards.

    Sorry I also forgot to address your last point with the Man Utd fans and Kagawa, that's borderline racist IMO. Just because they are from the same country doesn't mean they will be the exact same player. Scott Parker isn't the exact same type of midfielder David Beckham is even though they are both from England.
  13. If they did that then the same thing would happen. Kagawa goes forward and Scholes has to defend on his own. He's one of the best Scholes but he can't tackle for shit and is no where near fit enough/fast enough to defend on his own. Carrick imo is world class and underrated, he's hated by half the UTD fans and adored by the other. I'm a big admirer of his. I always think if he wasn't English and was Spanish then he'd be loved by a lot more. He's a great tackler/interceptor and his passes are incredible. That's my opinion though, I see why he gets hated.

    And yeah, I don't see Park scoring double figures every season in Bundesliga and having top assists too. Kagawa is a genius and I'm incredibly excited to see him play tbh. He played 4 minutes of our first pre-season match -.-.
  14. Were they a good 4 minutes? Lol.

    Never been a fan of Carrick. The problem I have with him I think is that he is constantly been outshined by Fletch and Scholes in the centre who are/were two of the best midfielders in the world - sadly neither were really recognised by the media as being that great as they all loved Lampard and Gerrard so much because they used to score screamers and both played for England, which Scholes hasn't done for a long time and well Fletcher obviously never has.

    I think I might give in to your other argument about the 4-4-2, I don't usually do that but you're right, the 4-2-3-1 does work better by the looks of things. One thing though, does it not still leave the problem with Scholes and Carrick being old in the middle?

  15. They were tbh. He came on, skinned someone and played an awesome pass through to set up Kiko but he was offside. That's all he got but he looked good tbh.

    You're right, Fletcher especially is ridiculously underrated. In his prime he was amazing, Scholes is a household name world wide but I agree that he's still pretty underrated.

    Well normally they would be but with 4-2-3-1 none of them need to go forward. They don't work in 4-4-2 because one has to get forward to help the attack, but with 4-2-3-1 they both just sit, keep the ball (which they're amazing at), feed it to Kagawa who goes forward to join Rooney, hopefully RVP, and Nani. With this formation Scholes can still drift forward to link play, but he doesn't need to go super forward, he can just sit inbetween Carrick and Kagawa. United haven't had a sitting holding midfielder in years, it's a necessity now imo.
  16. I hope this doesn't happen.
  17. http:emoji_confused:/
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