Man vs Man match hype

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  1. A loud pop of cheers filled the arena as Farooq's music played. Farooq walked out in his normal casual attire, his blue jeans, Public Enemy shirt, and black tennis shoes. He quickly made his way to the ring, looking like he didn't want to waste anymore time. He stood in the ring as he faced the titantron as his music began to slowly fade away.​
    " just a few days I will battle someone. Someone who was with me and many others when I made my descent into the IWT at it's very beginning. This opponent is one whom I have respect for, much more then anybody in this company. One who was a champion when I was a champion. One who I will firmly call, a man." Farooq said as he looked at the titantron one last time before he spoke again.​
    "While I may refer to him as a man, he does go by the name, Dat Kid." Farooq said as the crowd cheered. "When he was European Champion, I was champion of the United States. While I was climbing back into IWT, he was on his way out due to an injury. When he was in the tag team division, I was in singles midcard competition. He was fighting former world champions, and I was fighting midcards. We always seemed to be dragged away from each other, but that is no more. When those days are up, the tornado will clash with the hurricane. No longer will this match be evaded. It will be, Dat Kid vs Farooq, and my old friend, it will be one grand match, it will be a tremendous match, at the end the fans of the IWT they will chant for more and more. It will be a match between two of the best that IWT has to offer." Farooq said as he put down his mic, the crowd cheering loudly.​


  2. *Dat Kid comes out twirling a mic in his hand, looking at the stage floor before he looks up at Farooq*

    Farooq, out of everyone here I have competed in more matches than anyone else and despite that the only person I have never really been in the ring you. Despite our brief encounter in the 6-Man Battle Royal for the WWE Championship when the IWT first started you and me have never seen each other in the ring again and that's a real shame. I think it's time that this was rectified. So Farooq, you want a match with me, you got a match with me. However you want to talk about being a man, there's only room for one man here in the IWT. The both of us, put on high quality matches every time we are in this ring and we lay it down on the line like every match is championship match because that's what we do! :henry:

    But like I said before, there is only one man, so that's why...our match is going to Last....Man....Standing!
  3. The crowd gasped at the mention of the match type. Farooq put his free hand on the rope as he responded to Dat Kid, "A Last Man Standing match? A match that determines who will be left standing, and who'll be on the ground. Many have not returned due to this type of match. If this brutal match is how you want meet, then I'll accept this challenge." Farooq said as he stared off at Dat Kid.

    (How are we going to do a Last Man Standing match? :hmm: )
  4. Show Spoiler
    It's a cross of a promo battle and a predictions contest. We add the totals of our prediction results to our promo total votes, whoever has the most wins. 1 hour of promos. Anything Goes
  5. (oh okay @_@)