Management, Bookers, Nominate here!

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Jonathan, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. We're going to need some management and head bookers/bookers so please nominate people who you feel should have a responsibility as part of Management or as a Head Booker/Booker.
    Please only nominate people who can write in full English sentences, as we need well written feuds & scripts.

    Please use the following format:
    *Note: You CAN nominate yourself*

    Person you have nominated:
    Reason for nomination (30 words or more):
    Can they write in full English sentences?:
    Nominations will be open for 14 days or until we receive 5 nominations so please nominate quickly! :cool:
    Good luck to all.


    Current Nominees:

  2. Can bookers have "wrestlers" too?
  3. I'm unsure on that. Please ask @[Zamorakian].
  4. Yes they can.
  5. There's your answer :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. I nominate Seabs as a head booker.
  7. Nomination not counted.
  8. You and Zamo run it.
  9. Please remove the second part of your post.
    Want to keep this thread as HQ as possible and don't need any antagonising posts.
  10. Stay on topic. I won't delete any of the previous posts*, in that nothing blatantly harmful was said, just implied (and also because I'm just an intermediary in staff and actually prefer people to speak their minds, within reason).

    Any further posts with the intent of causing off-topic discussion will be junked, however.

    [size=x-small]* Having said that, another crew member is more than welcome to delete them.[/size]

  11. Thank you sir.

    Person you have nominated: Crayo.
    Reason for nomination (30 words or more): He might not want to but he should and that is my opinion.
    Can they write in full English sentences?: I believe he can.
  12. No worries.

    I still believe you and Johnathan should run it. You, initially, had the enthusiasm. I hope it's still there.
  13. Person you have nominated: Zamorakian
    Reason for nomination (30 words or more): He's obviously incredibly passionate about the fed since he's been pushing for it for a long while. Plus I'm interested to see what direction he'll take with the role and I've been impressed with how punctual he's been with his uploads, showing he can work to a schedule. Finally I've been impressed with how he's taken on the previous criticism about his "hot headed nature" and now he's mellowed into a great guy.
    Can they write in full English sentences?: I've never noticed a problem in his time posting here.

  14. You're too lenient.

  15. I'm not really crew though
  16. I nominate myself as a Booker!

    Reason: Because I can be creative and help with lots of Ideas!

    I also want to nominate Dolphs Ziggler

    Reason: Because he has great ideas also

    Are you sure? I mean it's going to be bias booking in some way or another.... Even if one person doesn't control booking it's going to cause arguments with the creative staff.

  17. If bias becomes an issue they'll have to be removed from the booking team. There seems to be alot of interest in this so I doubt it will be much of a struggle to hire a replacement.
  18. Person you have nominated: Myself :cool:
    Reason for nomination (30 words or more): I believe my contributions towards the running of this e-Fed could greatly help progress story-lines and improve the quality of the scripts. I also believe I could help users progress their character in the e-Fed.
    Can they write in full English sentences?: I can.

  19. We need more characters than bookers/writers at the moment. I think we could do fine with like 3 or 4 bookers/writers.
  20. I trust most of our users to not be bias, we have a pretty outspoken userbase. If they dislike something they'll rage, which is good.

    Anon you can be leader of Crew <3