Managers want to discipline players who dive?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Lacky, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. What's your verdict on this. Absolutely shocking, I'm sick of divers.

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  2. No way. What the fuck.
    I honestly thought Bale wasn't one of those who went down expecting a challenge, I was wrong.

    Diving/play acting when replays show no contact/contact in areas other to where they 'claim to be hurt' i.e. a high boot that hits chest but they go down holding their face should be a 2 game ban and 2 weeks docked of wages. It'll soon stop them.
  3. Bale is bad for diving, he does it nearly every week. :lol1: Hopefully the F.A will clamp down on them quick.
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    Watch every second of that from the GOAT pundit. That sums it up perfectly.
  5. Luis Suarez was the no. 1 diver back when he was playing for Ajax in Holland..

    Highly hated for it aswell. :annoyed:
  6. And he still is. Diving is just impossible to punish imo. Gary explains why because he's amazing.
  7. Gary is awesome..

    Golden days with Neville, Keane, Barthez, Veron, Beckham, RVN and Scholes.. :gusta:
  8. One of the reasons I don't watch Basketball or Footbal (soccer) is because of all the pussy ass acting.
  9. I've just seen the Suarez one and it's a fucking disgrace. Brendan has the cheek to say his "reputation goes before him" when asked how does he feel about the recent dive that just happened. Fuck Suarez and fuck Bale.
  10. YEAAAAH! I'm wid' you brother! :bury:
  11. Such a shame. Both of those players could walk into any squad in the world, yet no one talks about Suarez' skill or Bale's pace, they talk about diving. Instead of fucking defending them like Rodgers has done, tear into them. SAF talked to Young personally and said you're going to get a reputation if you keep diving so stop it, has Young done anything as stupid since? No. You won't stop players going down easily, that's not diving as the GOAT Neville has said above, but this stuff just HAS to stop.