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  1. Ok, I made this thread to get reactions/comments from the participants about THEIR OWN matches. Are you excited? What would you have done differently? Obviously I know some matches have had to be shuffled around due to availability, but other than that is there anything you guys think we could have done better for YOUR matches?

    I know I am excited for mine - been building on it for months now. Even getting in some last minute stuff here and there before Mania.

    Keep in mind who is charge of what divisions now as well when you comment
    Divisions Reference (open)

    Delik, CM Punk, Shadow | IWT Division
    Big Boss and CrayJ Lee | X-Division
    Trip in the Head and TheArabHammer | Intercontinental Division
    Dat Kid, Gav the Chav and Stopspot | World Title and Tag Divisions

  2. Isn't this what the Mania discussion thread is for?
  3. still a little butt hurt they stuck me on the one day I've repeatedly said doesn't work for me, plus I would say Lee and I deserve higher placement on the card anyhow. we are basically curtain jerking
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    At least it will be the G.O.A.T curtain jerk....

    I'm sure I can get that on a certificate and stick it on my fridge or something.
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  5. Sort of. Get it closed if you want, but I was looking for stuff exactly like what D'Z said.

    D'Z I know ur in my division and I'm sorry about that. But we don't really talk much in creative about what matches are on what days. Not to try to place all the blame on Jono, but he pretty much builds the card as far as that's concerned. The rest of us just help discuss what matches should be on the card. Maybe in the future we should get all the days available from people before building the card (I haven't seen much of that in the past), but I'm sure it won't work out every time for competitors, different lives and timezones and such
  6. i'm happy that atleast my match is ahead of the Roadster Squash match and the "Show-Stealer match" Lord Lee vs DZ
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  7. Yeah...and your calling MY match a sqaush...@THG? you herein this?

    Actually THG beats peoples asses worse than Danny so your match is a squash.
  8. is that why it's after yours? and it's a actual Title match
  9. Yeah because people will need a piss break after the "Show Stealing Match" and the match that i have a chance in.
  10. Take that talk to the regular discussion thread kids
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  11. Yeah listen to the J-Mod Reags.
  12. That stand for jr mod? I wish. Hopefully someday
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  13. Ye it does
  14. you st-.........i'm not even going to answer.....
  15. Yeah I started it Trip.

    Done Eurofag posting.
  16. Happy that my match is on a saturday.
  17. When Farooq wins, should I bring burritos or tacos?
  18. BOTH. What kind of question is that? :boss:
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  19. The JOB Squad needs to do shit bro, i'll hit up a few Taco Bell's for Mania, good with you.
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