March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III - Dat Kid wins via Pinfall

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  1. Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    Just two weeks before his #1 Contender's Match for the WWE Championship against Aids Johnson, Dat Kid has issued a challenge to former European Champion Baraa. Baraa is the only IWT superstar to beat Dat Kid twice. Dat Kid looking to prove that he can still be the top guy in the IWT and Baraa looking to prove that he is more than just a midcarder. The two will face off in a 2 out of 3 falls match this sunday. Can Dat Kid finally defeat Baraa or will Baraa put the final nail in the coffin that is Dat Kid's career? Find out this sunday

    The following contest is a 2 out of 3 falls match and the winner will face Aids Johnson on March 24th for the number one contender's spot for the WWE Championship! Introducing first, from The Side of New Jersey that's still not fucked up by Sandy...Dat Kid! And his opponent from Jordan, he is the beast of the middle east, Baraa!

    Dat Kid's First Promo
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    Allow me to be the first one to start this promo because I don't need the god damn crutch of going second to beat your ass. :pity:

    Baraa let me get rid of the elephant in the room. Yeah you beat me twice, I'll admit that, but I wasn't focused on you. My mind was on winning the WWE Championship and when I was denied my championship match even though I was rightfully the number one contender the last thing I was worried about was some bitch ass rookie. But now is have my full fucking attention now Baraa and you're going to regret it.

    Baraa you are nothing but a piece of shit under my shoe. For months now you've been saying "I beat you twice, it wasn't a fluke, retire old timer, you suc-"

    Like I said a piece of shit under my shoe, who's stench keeps on nagging and nagging and nagging...That's enough! I am the best damn superstar in the the IWT and you are just lucky kid who got his big break against me! You want to know what you did after that Baraa, huh? You lost the title I so prestigiously brought back from the grave to Danielson, to Danielson and it was one of the shitiest matches I have seen, ever in my entire career here in IWT, hell that match was shittier than the booking in FNW.

    You aren't on par with me anymore Baraa and the fact is that you never never will be. can't can't talk on the mic...and you can't draw a crowd. You're time here is up kid, you've had a nice run and hung on with the men as long as you could, but like I said are nothing but shit on beneath my shoe...and I'm scraping you off

    Baraa's First Promo
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    Doesn't matter, first or second ..doesn't matter, the result will be one.
    Yes, you may be able to draw some 7 years old crowd, just like "Santino" can make 7 years old interested in WWE, it's the same thing, which is that you are a joke, you draw crowds by embarrassing yourself, people like watching you because they know the LOLs are coming, and no one says no to LOLs, but tonight I'll end this shit.

    You say I'm a rookie right? A rookie?
    I may be a Rookie, but I'm sure that being a winner Rookie is better than being a "legend" that his ass didn't even taste winning.
    And Yes, I'm saying that your ass didn't taste winning because unlike many people, you taste from your ass and you shit from your mouth, just like you have been shitting from your mouth ever since the whole IWT started, and when it came to actions, you failed and failed and failed.

    I'm even embarrassed that I have to face you, how does "CM Punk" facing "Santino Marella" proves anything? How?
    You need to stop whining and shut the f*ck up, your ass got handed to you many times before, forget about me, what about Rodrigo and GeekGoddies who beat your ass?

    What an embarrassment!
    You made the biggest mistake of your entire career when you put your title shot on the line, now you will have to face my wrath that will destroy you along with that Mr. HIV and Perfect.
    No thing will stop me from being the WWE Champion!

    Dat Kid's Second Promo
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    So you're going to call me out because I like to entertain the fans? Yeah it's true, I like make people laugh, whether I'm shooting an El Nino promo or I'm mocking Gohan, I entertain people. Can you say that Baraa? Or do you just bore people like you just did with that half assed promo you just shot. Let's get one thing straight, I come out here to give these people a show, no matter who I step into the ring with I make sure that the people get there's money's worth because if I..for even a moment, can make the people forget their problems and escape, then I am doing my job. I'm not saying you don't do that either Baraa, we just have different ways of approaching it. I do it by entertaining, you do it by boring people to sleep. You want to rag on me for catering to the people who pay my bills, be my guest, you won't last here long.

    Second of all you need to stop paying to my ass and my mouth you god damn pervert. We have children here and even if we didn't I don't think anybody in this arena wants to hear what you write about in your homosexual fantasy diary, you sick freak. (Inb4 @Crayo says "well actually...") And just like I knew you would, you bring up the fact that I have never won a match. First things first, just because I've never won a match doesn't mean I haven't been victorious. No no no, that is definitely not what it means. The fact that you can stand here today and face me is a testament of how much I won. See long before you even knew what a championship was, I was here jamming people to the rafters, keeping the people coming. This may sound like an egotistical comment, but one of the reasons you're standing here in this ring is because of the man standing before you right now, so don't you tell me that I have never had a victory because everyday I wake up and come out here, I am victorious.

    Then you have the gall to say that you're embarrassed to face me? Nigga, I'm embarrassed to face you. Have you seen how easily lost to Danielson? The longest European title reign in the history of this company ended because a rookie delivered a piss poor performance. Hell you don't need to worry about no damn WWE championship. I am in your face right now boy! When you are in the ring with me you give me all your goddamn attention, because one slip up, one mistake...and you'll be laying down with your shoulders on the mat admiring how pretty the lights above you look.

    Baraa's Second Promo
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    I'm Pervert? :lol1:
    I'm not the one here planning on using the title as a rubber for his dick when he masturbates while watching Japanese tentacles porn.
    You are the pervert here, Dat Kid and not me.

    You keep saying that my match with Danny was one of the worst, while it was considered by many as the greatest in the history of IWT, yes, he managed to beat me which is something you will never even get close to doing.

    You say that you entertain the fans, who cares?
    Who cares about the stupid fans?
    What I give a damn about is WINNING, you can keep kissing their asses while acting as a clown and jobbing to everyone, while I can continue being the best at what I do, and that's burying your butt.
    BTW I have to agree with you that you help people to forget and escape from their problems, yes you do, because when they have you in font of them, they have bigger problems to deal when you are out there, and that's how to get to the bath to get their bath break in a crowded sold out arena full of Baraa marks, since they would all go at the same time.

    And I agree with you that waking up each and every morning for you is a victory, because a pointless piece of shit who has nothing to do with his life, see it as an achievement to even get up of his bed.
    For me, waking up is just the beginning, and for each beginning, there is an end, and the end for me is kicking asses, just like I woke up today with the normal beginning which will end with me shoving every letter of the "Dat Kid" words down your shitty hole.

    Tonight I'm gonna end it all, and I will beat you .....AGAIN.

    Dat Kid's Thrid Promo
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    Woah woah woah woah woah! What kind of sick shit is that? Is this what you think about Baraa? When you picture me are these the things you see. Well if you could take a minute to stop touching yourself I have something very important that you need to listen to so I want you to pay close attention.

    You are an IWT wrestler. It is your job to come out here each and every night and lay your body on the line for these fans. We are professional wrestlers, that is our job. We get in this ring and we perform for these people. You may not like the guy across the other side of that ring, but you will fight for these people to the best of your abilities whether you like it or not because that is what you're here for. You want to know my opinion, I don't know who told you that match was the greatest IWT match of all time because it sucked. It hurt me personally to see that sort of match for a title that I worked so hard to establish. You and Danielson are both great athletes, you wouldn't be here if you weren't, but what I saw out there was not the same guy who beat me. You were're weak now, you've lost it Baraa.

    We don't come out here in tights because we like it, we do it because we are here to entertain. If you can't understand that the fans come before yourself, or some god damn win/loss record, you can just get the f*ck out of the arena.

    Baraa's Third Promo
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    I don't give a damn about the fans, you can suck their dicks all you want, but I won't, I didn't earn my way here by sucking anyone's dick , not even Jonathan's nor Britanica's (oh wait..) , I earned my way to the top by forcing respect down their throats, I force them to respect me.
    I'm not here because of them, I'm here because of myself, I won't give them a credit they don't deserve, I busted my ass to elevate the show here, I worked so hard to get to where I am today.

    When they had the chance, they didn't hesitate stabbing me in the back against Danielson, but now things are different, you can have their support because I'm not even proud to get cheered by them, it's a dishonor for me to get cheered by those bunch of losers and 5 years olds who know absolutely nothing about wrestling

    And BTW, you didn't do nothing to that European championship, you are pointless, you won it when it was vacated, and in your first title defense you dropped it like the loser you are, you even failed to get in your rematch clause.
    If anything , it was me who elevated that title having the longest reign ever with that title.

    Dat Kid, tonight I will end the ridiculous joke that bothered many people, that ridiculous joke is non other than YOUR CAREER!

  2. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    Is your #1 contender match spot on the line?
  3. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    If Baraa wants it, I'll have no problem putting it on the line
  4. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    :Robbie: shit just got real!
  5. March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    Woah if you fluke out we might as well just call it senhor Aids 1 FTW WM CAGE Old Man match.
  6. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    :yes: with a cane hanging at the top of the cage.
  7. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    I dont need a cane to pimp slap the shit out of you, son.
  8. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    You pimp slap with a cane? You Senile old fool!
  9. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    I'm a Nitro superstar, even when I beat you and Aids I won't be able to challenge Senhor.
    You can keep your #1 contender match spot. :pity:

    Plus, I'm sure if this happens, Aids and Senhor will vote for you since they don't even want to think about the nightmare of the possibility of facing me.

    I pity you all. :pity1:
  10. March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    Looks like Rock Cena
  11. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    I'm also a Nitro superstar, the terms are that if I beat Aids, we get swapped to different brands, so you would be able to challenge. Hey, but if you don't want a shot at the #1 Contender's spot for the best belt in the IWT be my guest, it's not like you were actually going to win it anyway.
  12. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    He scurred!
  13. March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    I have 2 BOOKED matches at WM for the Euro and the CW titles, which are Nitro titles, plus I have a WH title match at Extreme Rules against the winner of the triple threat at WM, so I'm challenging for all Nitro titles (Except for Farooq's crappy US title), so I don't know if I can challenge for the WWE title too.
    It's all up to @britanica , if she agrees, I'm gonna win them all and unify the titles at ER. :SMUG:
    Scurred? I bet you 3 are currently having wet spots in your pants and praying to God that Brita does't approve it, because if she does, you can kiss your WWEF title goodbye Senhor.
  14. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    Don't know why you're threatening to take away Senhor's title, like you're going to beat me. I just hung the bone in front of your face so you fight as hard as you can, little do you know the bone is stringed to your head, so no matter how hard you try you'll never get it. You'll never get the World Title, you'll never get the WWE title, and most of all you will never beat me again.
  15. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    Pussy, I'll have four. :tough:
  16. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    I'm in a match nearly every week so both of you guys can kiss my ass, damn part timers
  17. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    Losing every week makes you a jobber, not a full timer. :pity:
  18. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

  19. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    No it makes me a victim of circumstance. Two of those matches were six man matches. The two lost to Baraa I had not been preparing for. The last one against geekgoddess was a give away because I don't like to hit women. I am still the best damn superstar in the IWT and I hope you have your eyes glued to the screen buddy because I want you to get a close look as to who's going to be taking that title, because come Wrestlemania you'll be knocked out the second the bell rings.
  20. RE: March 10th 2013 - Baraa vs Dat Kid III

    *Yawn* You and Aids have been boring me with your constant threats. Prove something already, you beat Baraa and I might think about training for WM.